Madden 2012 Season One Playoffs

Leroyog wrote:

Ok, keep me posted as to when I should start running things.

Once the Super Bowl is played you can be commish Leroy

Ok im back in we can do the superbowl either thursday evening or saturday mourning. Onewild let me know what time and day works for U. Peace ALC

Cannot do Thursday, since I will be at work all day. Saturday Morning? I assume that is morning EST yeah?

Cool same time as before 10am my time 3pm your time. See you then peace ALC

Yeah that works for me

Ready and waiting

Eagles 2011 Super Bowl Winners - 28-21- Coming back from 21-7 down in the 3rd 1/4. Going ahead interception scored with 1.34 left on the clock. Then another interception seals it. Great game ALC.

New Thread

Onewild dont forget to switch back to Pittsburgh.
Password for the league is Eagles

Great game to you as well Onewild and you are deserving of the champion prize that comes with winning the superbowl. Again congradulations Peace ALC

What? I have to give up the team of super men? no fair! :p