Artemis: The Ships Bridge Simulator - call for crew!

I don't know what our network connecting will be like but it will be at pencon and going next weekend if you want to hop in via the internets.

I'd be interested in giving it a shot. Count me in and whatnot.

I'd love to join y'all online.

Oh HELL yes.

Seriously? Artemis? You found the Artemis thread to harass?

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I've got a license for the game and am probably able to host a server of it for a game night..

Having a beers and games night with some mates in a few weekends time, and I'm setting up for us to give it a whirl on a combination of laptops and ipads. Any tips? Is there much actual depth/strategy to the game? Is the story mode worth a go or should I go with another mode?

The depth depends on the position you have. The Engineer especially has a lot of things to do, so that's a pretty deep position. In general though, I recall most of the positions giving you back what you put into them, there are very few things that you HAVE to do (even the engineer can just evenly divide up the power and sit the whole game out) but there are also things that different positions can do just to help out. Like the Comms officer can monitor NPC ships and get quests and discover trade opportunities in his down time.

I'm not sure if I've actually played the story mode. I think we just played a couple invasion scenarios.

Unless it has been updated since the last time I played it, iOS Artemis only works with a specific version of the Artemis server. Consider that during your planning.

My main problem with Artemis is that the missions tend to be rather... boring. It turns out that simulated spaceflight, just like simulated sailing, can just turn into a lot of people staring at a screen for minutes without much to do between the action segments.

Part of that could be because the AI is unable to use warp so you basically always have a strategic advantage. And as such the difficulty ramps up mostly in how frequently you can resupply your ship and how many different targets you are trying to defend.

I highly recommend hamming it up and using it to pretend you are in your favorite Sci Fi series, terrible writing and puns and all, and have a great time.

I would also suggest quickly moving into the higher difficulties once you get familiar with the stations. That will help keep the tension somewhat high, though it is still fairly easy, IMO. It might also be worth checking out some of the user made scenarios. those probably have a bit more story to them

Thanks folks, that all sounds alright to me, we have plenty to play on the night so this will just be a bit of fun for a while. I've already tested the game out, I did a test run with the server running on my laptop and I was able to connect via two iPads and my android phone with ease. I was baffled.
Hamming it up sounds like a good call.