Gigabit ethernet wireless router with DD-WRT?

Not to be TOO specific...

But I currently have a Linksys E3200 I bought in a moment of weakness after an evening of being pissed off at bricking my old WRT610N.

There's nothing *wrong* with it, but I am interested in something that either comes preinstalled with DD-WRT, or is well supported (ie easy to install on) by DD-WRT. I plan on selling the E3200 once I find something to replace it.

My requirements:
-5 GHz (I have a file server/HTPC; I don't want to be limited to gigabit ethernet)
-$150 or less (I know $150 is high, but I figure I'll get close to that for the E3200)

Those are my only hard and fast requirements. Anything specific I should start looking at?

EDIT: Oh, and don't tell anyone, but we're buying a house and it looks like the only option for wired broadband is Charter. So if there is some sort of combo cable modem/wireless router that meets my requirements, I'm open to it. But I think that may be expecting a little much.

Buffalo has a line of gigabit routers using DD-WRT. I recently picked up this one and so far it's been great.

Do you need to load DDWRT on that? and i'm assuming you do how tough is it to do?

Cayne wrote:

Do you need to load DDWRT on that? and i'm assuming you do how tough is it to do?

No, it comes with DD-WRT. All you do is choose DD-WRT instead of stock firmware during setup.

YMMV, but I had no trouble setting up the Buffalo router. Pretty much just entered the usual SSID and password and I was done. I also like that the router came with an app on a CD that could find the router and connect to it regardless of its settings, having "lost" routers in the past and having to reset the flash memory before I could find them again. Overall, it's the easiest to work with of any home router I've used, and provides the most options to boot. The only thing I had to deal with that was entirely new to me was disabling WPS, based on the discussion here.

Thanks for the info, may very well check one out.

I noticed they have 7 models, with the nh being essentially the middle of the road with good compromise on price/performance, any reason to get the higher tier models?