Official Steam app for iOS and Android

Just tried it with something small... Defcon (60mb) and it reports that it worked and is now ready to play.

Manach wrote:

I thought to tell it here.

Steam remote download.

Mainly, you have steam running somewhere, and from a web browser, you can start download from it to your steam program, EXISTING game in your library.

Yay, no more remote desktop for steam purchases! I always use this feature on the 360 and always wondered why Steam hadn't had a similar option.

I don't typically keep Steam running on my PC, though- the only hitch. But, if I pick something up day one (and no when it's releasing) this would be an awesome thing to use.

I think it'll be great for the Steam sale events. 1pm eastern every day when new deals hit. Buy from your phone and have them downloaded by the time you get home.

Yeah, great news. Now the app is actually useful to me!