I tried to watch some of the womens matches and I was dumbfounded how impossible it is to watch.. the grunts on every single stroke make it almost unbearable to watch..

I can't imagine sitting in the stands and enduring this.

Then you would absolutely not want to play Wii Tennis with my wife and me when we try to out-Williams each other.

I still think it is funny at times when players grunt. However I understand why they would do it, and I also have been enjoying the Australian open quite a bit.

Also, the fitness levels of tennis players is freaking insane. Top level tennis players are easily some of the best athletes around.

So after I told Mrs. Gravey about this thread yesterday, she said that apparently the grunting is a Thing:

Australian Open women's final promises to be a scream

Fans of the two players think it’s an issue overblown by the media. But it’s a legitimate — if not new — problem even the WTA Tour has finally vowed it will have to address following complaints from fans.

Well, I don't mind it. You have to exhale for more force, and if that's the way they do it then who am I to tell elite athletes how to play their sport.

Hell, it's going on right now! 6-3, 3-0? Louder, Sharapova, louder!

Congrats, Azarenka! Now come on, Djokovic!

Awww. I didn't get to see the match yet Gravey.

You get used to the grunting after a while. It is funny on occasion, but it's pretty common. I remember hearing others on our team grunt a lot when they'd get in a really long rally.