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LobsterMobster wrote:

Not too sure which version of Rohan I'm going to get. They seem kind of pricy. I think I'm going to wait and see if they start selling that 6th inventory bag separately, and for how much.

According to what I saw on Tuesday, the 6th bag will be available for 995TP and requires bags 4 and 5. For that price, I assumed it was for the entire account. But if the token is 995TP per character, then yeah... LOTRO has suddenly moved into a new level of expensive.

Not sure what I will do. If I pre-order, it will be the base edition or the legendary.

I flipped out about the price too at first but then I realized how many collectors editions of WOW I have sitting in bins in my closet that were about the same price and offered far less (free pets, anyone?). That being said, bags as far as I know are per-character, meaning that would indeed be a lot of money if you wanted to buy bag 6 for all your characters. At that point you may as well I think, be about spending $15 a bag? I haven't put my money on any version of ROI and I intend to wait at least a month and think on it, but I know that the middle version would do me no good because I bought the Legendary edition or what not of Isengard so I already have all the extra content its offering.

EDIT: Well there you go.

According to the FAQ

20. How much will Riders of Rohan be in the LOTRO Store? Can I buy parts of the expansion pack separately?

Yes, you can purchase portions of the expansion separately with your Turbine Points in the LOTRO Store. These items will be released in the LOTRO Store on the same day as the expansion, September 5th. The prices are as follows:

Rohan Expansion Content: 4295 TP
Expansion Content includes the quests in the Rohan region.
Rohirrim Skinned Soldier on Landscape: 295 TP
6th Inventory Bag (Account-wide): 995 TP
Crystal of Remembrance: 995 TP
The Outriders Token: 495 TP

So at least bags will span all characters.

I might go for the Hero edition for the Token on all my alts.

I'll admit, the arrival on Steam and the steam pack sort of put this game back on my radar. So is Landroval the server to reroll on if one were to reroll?

I played a little a while back to see some of the content and got a minstrel to level 27 on Arkenstone. Not sure if I want to continue on with that one or reroll on a different server. I was not involved with a kinship on Arkenstone, and am not super attached to the class, though I tried out the VIP thing and have 5 whole bags to carry crap around (since bags are topical).

Yep, Landroval is where all the cool kids hang out.

Okay well I stand corrected and I'm quite glad. Now that the bag is indeed account wide I think I will be thinking harder about what version I really want then.

That being said, where's all your character names if you're all on Landy?

Thanks, I just found the link and was going to edit my post.

RichyRambo wrote:

Riders of Rohan preorder is available with various editions.

So does anyone have one of the Outrider's Tokens from Rise of Isengard? Does it give a 25% xp boost up to 60-65? Anything to help get me through the post Evendim (40+) slog...

Edit - Found it. A pocket item called the Derudh's Stone, 25% xp boost to monster kills. Preorder got it account wide, now its a 995TP purchase at the store for one character.

So has anyone used the Stone? Worth picking up?

It's a pretty huge boost to xp if you are VIP with a blue bar of rested xp to go along with it. I haven't leveled up any of my F2P toons so can't talk about that, though I'm sure it's a boost. But as VIP it was pretty spectacular.

The Derudh's Stone was the main reason I pre-ordered RoI and in that regard, it was worth it. I believe if you pre-order RoR now you'll get the Token immediately.

LotRO has been around long enough that we've slots for it in the GWJ profiles; my Landroval toons are listed there

You got me, I didn't even think about that.

Are they allowing transfers into Landroval again?

Believe so, they allowed them again a couple of months back, don't think they've suspended them.

Steam edition is on sale ATM, $15 for 1000TP, Derudh Stone, and a mount. Grabbed it!

RichyRambo wrote:

Steam edition is on sale ATM, $15 for 1000TP, Derudh Stone, and a mount. Grabbed it!

That's a pretty sweet deal.

If you get it make sure to start downloading the Steam version and then right click on it to grab the game serial number as you need that (not the confirmation number in the email!) to enter into your Turbine account to register the purchase. You can then cancel the Steam download and use your already installed client.

Sounds like that Steam edition was the RoI expansion since Derudh's Stone is RoI only. It's a great perk for leveling.

Edit: Read up a little on the Steam offer - sounds like a great deal and the horse is nice looking!

The three quest packs it comes with are not bad either; you'll pay almost that price to unlock them and they're not duplicates of the RoI unlocks as Evendim, North Downs and Misty Mountains are not part of the Path of the Fellowship. North Downs is a nice alternative to Lone Lands if you've taken characters through the teens to high 20s there, Evendim is a great place for leveling late 20s to high 30s; Misty Mountains quests take some of the page grinding and level 50 epic class quest runaround a little more bearable.

With my level 44 Champion, Misty Mountains is my favorite place to grind. You can kill bears for a "Bear Wrestler" title, and there are lots and lots of hillmen to kill for various perks, in addition to the nice loot all humanoids drop (recipes, crafting materials, magic items, etc.).

BTW, this is what the Steam horse looks like:


Man, I loved getting titles from killing stuff in LotR.

That steam steed is awesome. Its also 68% mount speed which is the fastest there is, and also the price is right. Normally these steeds cost about 20 bucks in the store and the only time I've managed to get one for free is festivals. So all in all, the steam pack can get you to 50 with the quest packs it comes with, a free steed and the XP trinket alone make it a good buy if you don't already have the game.

Aendiev wrote:

Normally these steeds cost about 20 bucks in the store and the only time I've managed to get one for free is festivals.

Store ones also tend to be $20 per character, whereas the Steam one is for any and all characters you have and will create on that account.

The Steam one also has a neat effect around the horse's nostrils from time to time. Like a visual representation of the animal's hot breath. You know, like a jet of fog or something. Still, I would have preferred a Steam Goat.

I've noticed that some of the store-exclusive mounts have special abilities in addition to speed and health, BTW. A while back they had a big sale on mounts and I picked up the Steed of Night (which, coincidentally, will be updated into a warhorse once Rohan comes out). Normally a critical hit will cause you to instantly dismount, but the Steed of Night is immune to that effect. It also looks pretty badass.

Steed of Night is an incredible looking beast; with my altaholism though, I'd have to get a bank loan. I have a dream that one day the office of one Kate Paiz, whose occupant's lips are presently dripping with the words of marketing and maximizing economy, will be transformed into a situation where little hobbit boys and hobbit girls will be able to join hands with little elf boys and elf girls and ride together, as sisters and brothers, on the backs of account wide horses.

If anyone's interested in trying LOTRO out, let me know and I'll send you a referral. If I get five, I get a free horse.

Also don't accept anyone else's invites because mine are way better.

LobsterMobster wrote:

Yep, Landroval is where all the cool kids hang out.

So this is where the cool kids do Weatherstock. Pretty cool that the music system is robust enough that they can do stuff like this.

Findaer wrote:
LobsterMobster wrote:

Yep, Landroval is where all the cool kids hang out.

So this is where the cool kids do Weatherstock. Pretty cool that the music system is robust enough that they can do stuff like this.

Even cooler that I can rickroll people in the auction house.

Wow, the revamped Moria is BRIGHT! It's like they installed hidden fluorescent lights all over the Silvertine Lodes. What a difference.

I really appreciate some of the new quest mini-hubs, and seems like navigation is a bit easier. Maybe it's just the brightness.

Just getting back into the game (Not on Landroval though, had friends on another server) and curious as to the best upgrade path for the game in the way of store bought items. I might just sub for a month (really killing time till TL2 comes out) but might continue playing longer than that. It seems that the Mithril pack from GameStop is the way to go since the Steam starter pack is back up to $29.99. I'm not really concerned with raiding and such at this point so just want to have a fun run up to top level and spend the least amount of money along the way.

You could wait a few days and see if the Steam pack goes on sale again for the summer sale. Otherwise, the Mithril pack is an excellent deal. I'd also recommend subscribing for your first month, at which point you should create all the characters you intend to. That way you'll get a free 4th and 5th inventory bag for each character, and those are permanent.