Resident Evil 6 Catch-Augh

I'm actually considering Red Boxing this game, now that I think about it. I haven't rented a game since I canceled GameFly long ago, but it might actually be a good idea since I'd like to play it, but don't know if I'd like to own it.

So a show of hands: who actually owns it, and what system do you own it for? I'll let you know if I rent it and then I'd be down for some co-op.

Double post for blah-ness.

This game is on sale for $40 in some places, and as I have some Christmas cash and a few trade-ins in mind I'm thinking I might pick this up. But if I do I wanted to make sure I played it on a platform others would be playing it on, unlike Operation Raccoon City (which no one has anyway so it doesn't really matter).

Blind Evil, you seemed to be the only other person really interested in getting the game. Is it safe to assume you'd get it on Xbox 360?

Yes, but I already committed to playing the whole thing with my old roommate. Sorry.

What, no digital polyamory? Haven't I always treated you nice?

Nah, I'll get it on 360 anyway. Odds are I'll be more likely to get a partner with that.

I'm not sure I can stomach 30 hours of the game once, much less twice we'll see though.

Wait I thought you were Mr. Positive when we were playing the demo?

I know I'll pick this turd of a game up eventually but $40 is still not my price point.

ccesarano wrote:

Wait I thought you were Mr. Positive when we were playing the demo? :P

Blind_Evil wrote:

Based on what I played, I'd go 3/5. I could see why someone might go 2/5. For reference, 1/5 is "terrible."

I don't think I'd call me Mr. Positive there. And look!

Blind_Evil wrote:

I'll probably buy it on the cheap next year to play with my old co-op buddy.

For the record I got it for $15. It was on sale around Black Friday at the MS online store for $25 and I had a $10 coupon from buying AC3 from them.

I should probably reread some threads before digging them up from an early grave.

Co-op is certainly not a requirement for this game, though. I'm good playing it either way. I just imagine it'll be a lot more fun with a second player, but it also seems to be more forgiving on single player than RE5 was (much like Revelations was)


I jumped back into this game yesterday and tonight, playing through second and third chapters of Leon's campaign.

I advise playing co-op if you can, more so than RE5. The A.I. will intentionally walk by "surprise" zombies laying on the ground because "horror". Not to mention there was a whole bunch of ammo and skill points left behind in one of those "you and your partner are separated" moments.

Skill points are given too little and you don't get enough opportunity to make use of them. The upgrade features in 4 and 5 were so much better.

Leon's campaign has moments of excellence spread apart by moments of inanity, tedium and frustration. Respawning zombies are the #1 sign that Capcom doesn't understand what made RE4 good and just what style of "hard" it was. But man, I played a section tonight where the sound was so great, and there were no enemies for several minutes. It made a build-up to a mere zombie incredible. In fact, the end of Chapter 2 is mostly good.

Then there are moments of sh*ttiness again.

Then moments of good.

And sh*tty.

It's such a friggin' toss-up.

So I resurrect the thread again because I can, and because I completed Leon's campaign and have done 3/5 of Chris Redfield's chapters.

Leon's campaign is best when you're not fighting anyone. No joke, it does the original RE games best when it just wants to have puzzles. When zombies or other monsters appear, it just starts to get annoying.

Chris Redfield, on the other hand, is a lot of fun. I feel like I should be ashamed that the attempt to turn Chris' campaign more into a CoD-fest has actually been a highlight, but the truth is it's not very CoD-like at all. The cover mechanics aren't all that great, so using cover is only useful part of the time. Some of the encounters are well designed, some of them are stupid. Few of them reach Leon levels of irritation, though.

There have been two boss fights I've really liked in this game. One in Leon's campaign, and also crosses over with Jake, and the other with Chris where you have to fight a snake that can camouflage. It is actually a really tense fight and only rips off of Dead Space once, so on the whole it feels like a classic Resident Evil style encounter.

Of course, there were also retarded fights against a helicopter where cover was useless yet you couldn't hit it with the grenade launcher unless you exposed yourself or hid behind useless cover. Oh, and they had respawning underlings that, if you don't kill them right, will mutate (seriously, I think the way they work is if you shoot certain limbs or something they start to mutate, which is horrible in a game where headshots are hard to pull off and ultimately not all that powerful).

It is an interesting game, to say the least, but only because it fails as much as it succeeds, if not more so. It is a shame Capcom didn't go back to the drawing board when so many elements clearly weren't working. Which, if they had people play the game, should have been obvious.

I finally played one chapter with my old roommate, as we'd planned. I think we can only budget time for (or stomach) one chapter per week, so apparently this is going to take us three months to finish.

Haven't really played enough to form a coherent opinion on the game, really. I love the fact that you can scoot forward on your butt like a dog with worms. It seems too hard, considering how long the game reportedly runs. I never, ever have herbs to spare.

Do you guys share herbs in co-op? Not that an herb deficiency isn't a problem in single player, but not having to worry about my cohorts' ammo count and health might actually make parts of RE6 easier.

I feel like the ability to dive COULD be useful, and evidently people that play Mercenaries swear that all the new hand-to-hand and diving stuff is bad ass and reviewers just "don't know how to play", but I've found it clunky to figure out as there are times it doesn't do what I want.

Plus, one of the phases of the Leon final boss has several weak points, one on his ground-facing belly. I tried to slide beneath him and shotgun that spot point blank, and he kept stepping on me. And this is assuming I got the opportunity to slide. So if that's what was intended, well, good job Capcom, you designed a really bad boss fight.

I always share the herb in local co-op.

What's a Resident Evil?


EDIT: Just finished the game. All four campaigns. I can say for certain Ada's is the weakest and doesn't really add much, other than clarifying her role.


Specifically, why/how there are two Ada's walking around.

The motivations of the villains are horrible, illogical and just plain dumb. I know that shouldn't be anything new for Resident Evil, but I feel like it really takes the cake here.

I think the effort to make this game so big and huge and varied is what made it so flawed. Oddly enough, I feel like Chris Redfield's campaign works best, as a lot of the horror elements make Leon's campaign play like sh*t half the time. There are moments where it is more puzzle based, and those are where it works best for Leon. Jake is supposed to be this really awesome melee guy, and according to people obsessed with Mercenaries mode a lot of reviewers "don't know how to play the game right". Well, I tried doing a lot of melee, and while it can be useful to not only save ammo, but to also avoid creature mutations, they don't make it very easy to "do it right".

Jake's campaign also has its moments, but a lot of times the game ruins itself. Oddly enough, I enjoyed his Nemesis-style monster the most, as most of those encounters were puzzles. Typically, when this game makes a puzzle, it is better.

Unless it's a puzzle where you have to run away from near-indestructible monsters or something. Then it sucks balls.

I feel like RE6 doesn't understand why some of the harder set pieces in 4 and 5 worked as well as they did. I've never been annoyed as often as I have been in 6.

This game has its good moments, but the fact of the matter is whether it is a Resident Evil game or not, the controls have issues and the enemies and encounter designs can be incredibly annoying.

That said, don't know why so many reviewers are down on Piers, and I would like to see another adventure with Jake and Sherry.

Oh yeah, Jake has the least annoying final boss encounter by far. Primarily because his has the fewest amount of phases.

I picked this up on the steam sale for twenty dollars. It’s so hilariously terrible to the point I want to do a “How did this get made” with it.

Evidently it's worse on the PC.

So in my on-going trend of shameless self-promotion, I completed the first part of my video review. This one mostly covers general gameplay.

Here are some additional notes from my blog:

There are some items I also forgot to mention, though perhaps I’ll bring them up in Chris Redfield’s campaign analysis since that’s when it first becomes prominent. The transformation of enemies into weird monsters seems to lack a real system. It’s like a game of chance, where shooting them in certain body parts is more likely to cause their body to morph somehow. Shooting them in the arm is likely to cause their arm to become a long, club-type weapon that they can strike at you with, or perhaps a tough shield type of object. Getting headshots should be how you reduce the chances of this happening, but that’s part of the problem. A headshot can still lead to the enemy transforming into something else, and then you have to use even more ammunition to destroy it.

Headshots are supposed to be difficult yet rewarding. A skilled and possibly patient player can save ammunition by aiming right for the head, though in this game you’re just as likely to waste your rounds. Instead, no matter how well you pull it off, you run the risk of morphing the monster into something even harder to kill.

The really odd thing is, I kind of wanted to go back and replay parts of this game while shuffling through footage. It's not completely horrible, it's just a major f*ck up. Leon's campaign is easily the worst, though, which makes me wonder how many people even finished his campaign before trading it in.

I played through this soul-sucking abomination from start to finish (for some reason) and it pains me greatly that at some point I have to download it all over again to get the Steam Cards.

That said, if you've not yet tried RE: Retribution it's a much, MUCH better game and well worth a look, especially for the raid mode stuff which is hella fun.

Also this is now stuck in your head...

You're welcome.

stevenmack wrote:

That said, if you've not yet tried RE: Revelations it's a much, MUCH better game and well worth a look, especially for the raid mode stuff which is hella fun.


Also this is now stuck in your head...

You're welcome.

That was wonderful.

Damn, yes - meant Revelations of course!

Big Steam sale right now. RE 5 is $5, RE 6 is $10, and Revelations is $12.50. I got all three, partly out of my continued love of RE 4 (and liking of 5) and partly out of morbid curiosity.

Honestly, skip Leon's campaign and play Chris' first. It's more action focused, but I liked it better.

That, or play Leon's campaign for a bit to get used to it, then start Chris'.

Or just play Revelations and forget you spent money on 6.

ccesarano wrote:

Honestly, skip Leon's campaign and play Chris' first. It's more action focused, but I liked it better.

That, or play Leon's campaign for a bit to get used to it, then start Chris'.

Or just play Revelations and forget you spent money on 6. :P

Or play 6 while getting hammered with a friend and constantly make fun of the terrible.

I didn't share my Leon analysis earlier, but if you don't mind spoilers, I'm pretty proud of the video I put together for Chris Redfield's campaign. A lot of people didn't like his, but I actually enjoyed it the most.

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There was indeed a spam post there hocking a "real synthetic leather" version of Leon's jacket. The spammer's account name was franklamer.

But it certainly does look like I'm just a crazy person with that post gone.

Not that such an impression would be a new thing I guess.

RE 6
and RE Revelations are all on sale.

Which one should I get?

RE4, RE: Revelations, Slamming your fingers in a desk drawer, then RE6.

In that order.

pyxistyx wrote:

RE4, RE: Revelations, Slamming your fingers in a desk drawer, then RE6.

In that order.

Unless you like making fun of bad games Seanbaby style.