GWJ BCS League, Season I (360): Conference Championship Week (League Deadline: 12/31/11 @ 7:00am ET)

Much like Madden11 & 12 were steps down from Madden10, NCAA12 is a step down from NCAA11.

In some ways, yes, but not in others. I think the blocking by lead runners is much improved. The leaping LBs isn't *as* bad as it was. I think zone is better...i.e., one can actually use zone defense now without always giving up big gains!

However, they've gone backwards on some things. It annoys the hell out of me that they nerfed the counter by having the pulling linemen stop at the end of the line of scrimmage, waiting for the ball carrier rather than heading upfield to block someone. Rather than adjusting the speed of these players, which is probably what would have fixed the problems with the counter, they just made the OLmen play bad, unrealistic football. The same could be said about the overpowered special moves by the D-linemen. Now, rather than just affecting how well that works, if you try one too early, your player ends up on his back in the dirt.

The engine is aging. I think they need an overhaul. They've gone with cheap fixes for years, and I think it's caught up to them. It seems the line play is really something they need to fix. They've definitely gone over the line from simulating football to having an approximation to the downfield play in football. Right now one can read alignments and coverages (sure, secondary players may not respond in exactly the way real players would, but at least their responses are things that you can read and adjust to). That's a fun aspect of the game, but there are so many things in the details that make it feel cheap...

Marshall falls to the ranks of the defeated. ECU topped Marshall 49-35 but in all fairness, 21 points came from Marshall turnovers. Marshall had 5 turnovers to be exact. 2 fumbles and 3 ints. The receivers didnt play aggressive and the QB couldnt hold on to the ball when he was sacked. In the end, Marshall just beat themselves. Still...a Freshman QB is doing really well all things considered.

Also...heads up to you fine gentlemen.
I will be out of town Thursday 10th-Wednesday16th. Its for a veterans day thing. Anyway, I will try to play my game once I return, but if I drop off the radar during those days...thats why. See you guys then

I had to post this here too:

What do you call an older woman who likes younger men?
A Cougar

What do you call an older man who likes younger men?


A Nittany Lion

And sadly, this half of my post is not a joke, I am completely serious, this is his auto-biography. You THINK he would have thought a title like this would be bad karma.


Who are we missing -- I wanna' play some more football!!

[Looks at schedule...]

CRAP!!! I have a bye next week!

Was planning on playing last night and fell asleep. Oh well, if you can wait till 7pm to roll I'll play when I get home otherwise roll on!

I forgot today is roll day

Gdawg, you can play tonight, I will roll when you are done!

Well I just lost in frustrating fashion. I think I'm done with this game. Just not any fun.

Got commitments from a 4* G and DE. May end up with a very good class if things work out right.

we are losing players in both leagues at an quick rate...makes me a little sad.

ZellbrigeN26 wrote:

we are losing players in both leagues at an quick rate...makes me a little sad.

Same here. Combination of great games coming out, and Madden/NCAA taking a step backwards in gameplay. I'm hoping we get more interest after the New Year.

Week 7 League Schedule:
UCF (XBox) at Marshall (ZellbrigeN26)
Michigan (LeroyOG) at Colorado State (XBox)
Northwestern (Gdawg27) at Louisville (XBox)
Rutgers (Kush15) at Pittsburgh (XBox)
Tennessee (Shag26) at Georgia (XBox)

Notre Dame (firesloth)
TCU (Big Hoppa)
USF (Omega Girr)

Deadline will be Wednesday, November 16th @ 7am.

5 games, all vs XBox, I don't see why this should be an issue as far as getting games in before Wednesday. Omega has been MIA for a couple of weeks now, I might boot him and send him a invite back. Gdawg, you're always welcomed back at any time, I will leave you in the league for now, just in case you change your mind

We ran into a similar difficulty last season, in that there was a big holiday game rush that caused folks to step back from football. And this holiday season has so many killer games... It kills me that Gears 3 and Battlefield 3 came out within about a month of each other.

Still, it's disappointing that we're taking so long to get through things this season so far. Hopefully we'll speed up as we get down the homestretch.

I think I jumped in last years league around December/January and you guys had just finished the first season so we seem to be on the same pace this year

The Denard Robinsons win big.

Nice win, shag. Better than that Michigan win over the Little Sisters of the Poor.

firesloth wrote:

Nice win, shag. Better than that Michigan win over the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Since I do not play enough of NCAA nowadays. I am able to scrape by with the wins. I had to come back to get this one. Up 14-10 and Georgia marches down the field and scores with a minute left. I am able to get into field goal range and decide to run a screen that was perfect and my running back runs in for the score.

I am happy that a got my 4 star QB. Now I can fill in as needed since that was my only requirement. Tennessee has a lot of freshmen and sophomores. I should be set for years two and three if we get that far.

I was going to play last night, and couldn't get to it. I am going to try to play tonight.

I think we're waiting on Zellbridge to get back from vacation, too, aren't we?

I have a coworker interested in joining. I told him to post here


Whats that thing you sent me? Should I trust it?

Leroyog wrote:

Whats that thing you sent me? Should I trust it?

Yeah, about that... I had no idea it would spam everyone. When you sign up, you have an opportunity to click people you'd like to be connected with from your friends list, but it wasn't clear to me it'd spam everyone. Sorry about that.

Seems like an okay site, otherwise. Just another way to access your games/achievements and get a feed of what friends are up to. Don't think it'll rate higher in my book than trueachievements, but it doesn't seem malicious.

When do we roll?

League Rolled. Schedule to be update. Computer cheats like a dirty bitch.

Computer is also passing, up by 11pts with 3 minutes to go. Where's THEIR unsportsmanlike warnings and penalties?

I noticed that they tuned that down this year. The unsportsmanlike - points stuff that is

The defense had two big red zone stands in the first quarter where they only gave up field goals. Michigan wins. 31-12.

1) I hardly ever see an XBox opponent get a 10 yard holding penalty. I see, Holding, 1st and 15. Holding 1st and 13. Are there any 10 yard holding penalties?

2) WR knocks down my defender, goes down with him. RB running full steam toward both of them. My WR doesn't get up, but the defender gets up quickly, and as he gets to his feet, he stone cold tackles my RB for no further gain. REALLY?!? Fine, tackle my RB, but let me fall forward at the least.

3) If you have to restart your game vs the XBox, please let me know. It looks suspicious when it doesn't get mentioned. I understand it happens, but I hate to see nothing mentioned, and then seeing a matchup is restarted a bunch of times. At worst, PM me and let me know.

Brandon Jones records 4 Ints in 1 game, as Rutgers defeats Navy by a score of 26-10.

LEAGUE DEADLINE: Wednesday, November 23rd @ 7:00am

Week 8 League Schedule:
Marshall (ZellbrigeN26) at Syracuse (XBox)
Michigan St (XBox) at Michigan (LeroyOG): Michigan wins 31-12
Iowa (XBox) at Northwestern (Gdawg27)
BYU (Xbox) at Notre Dame (firesloth)
Navy (XBox) at Rutgers (Kush15): Rutgers wins 26-10
Louisville (XBox) at TCU (Big Hoppa)
West Virginia (XBox) at Tennessee (Shag26)
Connecticut (XBox) at USF (Omega Girr)

No bye weeks this week, and we're already 2 games in.