Mumble Server Suggestions

Howdy. I'm looking to rent a mumble server for a small static MMO group. Any suggestions on a good company to go with?

Well, it's open source, so it'd be pretty easy to run your own server. If you've got good upstream bandwidth, you could even run it in your house.

If you don't, have you thought about perhaps renting a VPS from someone, and running it there? The best and cheapest VPS servers require use of the Linux command line, but if you have even a little experience, it's not too bad. You can get a little VPS for like $10/mo from some places.

Alternately, if you don't know anything about the care and feeding of Linux boxen, maybe check the official site? With freeware like this, they'll often pay the cost of development by offering services based on the code. I bet the guys who wrote Mumble will either rent you a server, or can recommend someone who will. If you either rent directly from them, or go with their recommendation to a third party, some of that money should end up funding further Mumble development, which makes it better for everyone.