BHA Raid Week(s) - 1/12 - 1/16

Since no one else is posting up...

Post up, peoples.

I'm fairly certain I can make Sunday, but since it's a three day weekend I can't guarantee my local friends won't try to plan something. If we get enough interest for Sunday to do a serious run, though, I'll try my best to avoid such plans.

Give me 1 day, whenevs.

meh, whenever

and gannon is up for sunday.

Youko wrote:

gannon is up for sunday.

Yup, I land back in the US on Saturday

I could do Sunday.

Jey/Cin good for one or two raids. Tue, Wed, Thur, Sun

Any time is good for me. Just don't crush my soul by cancelling at the last minute!

Not Sunday.

Thursday or Sunday.

Hackwyrth, priesto, in for any day but Monday. I'm amiable to just coming along for the LFLoLs, if we've got too many bodies for the 'normal' run.


Due to Skyrim and computer downness I slacked off on scheduling this week. Sorries, those who actually wanted to do something.

Next week.