Dust 514 Catch-All

Dreaded Gazebo wrote:

You start off with only the "Instant Action Academy" available to you for awhile. I'm not sure exactly what the trigger is for you to make the full list of real game modes available (either time or skill points earned I would guess?) but eventually they'll take the training wheels off and you'll be in the game proper. Battles get much more interesting then for sure.

Ugh. I hated the idea of unlocking game modes in MAG and I hate it here, too. Poop on that.

Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I'm a bit stuck for an online shooter at the moment.

Is this things still on?

Is anyone still playing it?

Is it any good now?

I got some fun out of it before the beta ended, and I've heard it's a lot better now. I just have very little time to play home console games anymore, especially time sinks like this.


Thanks for the prompt response. Judging by the fact that only you replied, I am going to call this one and pronounce the patient dead (as far as GWJ is concerned).

Looks like I'll be waiting for the releases of 'Battlefield 4' and 'Destiny'...

Yeah, games for which I start threads don't typically catch fire.
Planetside 2 hit first and harder, and it's better. Join us!

Sorry to have posted in the non catchall first...

I just tried this again.
I still suck at FPS on PS3. I can't figure out how these guys with 13 kills and no deaths are able to pull it off. They practically one-shot me every time. Obviously they have upgraded armor and guns, but i cant even get my reticle to aim! Is there a targeting button? There's no training grounds so I'm fumbling.

Anyways, I thought I'd give it another go and yes, i am the suck.