NCAA Football 2012 Season Catch-All

Stele wrote:

Is it too early for next year's pre-season rankings?

Good lord... I know it'll all change in 8 months, but looking at that list Cal plays @#2 Oregon, @#3 Stanfurd, #4 tOSU, #15 OSU, @#21 UCLA, #22 Northwestern, and #25 USC. We're going to have to throw one of those games or we will end up in the NC Game instead of the Rose Bowl next year! #22 Northwestern? Is Darnell Autry still playing?

It definitely is too early btw. At least wait until singing day.

I mean I feel great about Louisville bringing back 17/22 starters, and also some 4/5-star recruits we have verbally committed that might be good enough to see the field even, but until they've signed, I can't be 100% sure.

Fed, you've failed us by not posting this before.

The Anti-Tebow.

You think I've failed by not posting that? Then you'll never forgive me for not posting all the pics of him with crazy oogaba. I'll try to rectify that this weekend.

I think I will fulfill my Johnny Football oogaba obligations in the 2013 thread: