SWTOR - IPP/GC Crafting Recipe Exchange

Hello fellow SWTOR addicts!

Recently my Sith crafters have been returning from missions bringing me gifts I can't use. These gifts are crafting schematics that are for Republic toons. I am assuming that folks over in the Gray Council might be having the same problems.

What I propose is setting up some sort of recipe exchange between the guilds using the neutral Nar Shadda AH. My idea (not very clearly thought out...so please feel free to chime in with something better) is for a representative for each guild show up at the AH with all the recipes they want to trade and then put them up on the AH. If both reps are there at the same time then they can swipe them up without having to worry of someone else getting them instead. Does that make sense? Is it even feasible?

We could use this thread to let everyone know which schematics you would like to trade and when to set up an exchange.

What do you think?

I had no idea there was a neutral AH. If I'd know that I wouldn't have vendored those purple Imperial items I'd been finding with my trooper.

I've been saving up my Jedi Schematics for just such an occasion! My Imperial Bounty Hunter needs no such things.