XCOM: Enemy Unknown - Strategy Game - Developed by Firaxis

I have been bitten by XCOM: EU once more. I just had it all go wrong, but golly was it exhilarating trying to hold it all together.

The mission prior to the one that signalled the end will live long in the memory. Two soldiers remaining. Three KIA. One stabilized. Low on health. Weapons needing reloaded. Breaking line of sight. Dropping smoke. Having an assault class channel Rambo and bulldoze multiple hostiles to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat. I thought it was a lost cause. Awesome to be proven wrong.

Cannot wait to start fresh tomorrow with a different approach.

I went stoopid on it for a while and built ubermenschen teams of psionic colonels that just massacred the aliens by the pallet load. By the time I got to the final, I was mind controlling the big bad and locking up the game engine.

Is that with the Enemy Within expansion?

Never got the expansions.

I just need to progress further then.

The release of Long War 1.0 made me dive back in... and I’m hooked all over again.

I’m up to September - barely managing to field a few gauss weapons, plenty of lasers, mostly still wearing phalanx armour, 1 chem grenade, 2 continents covered (Asia (home) and South America) with 4 laser-equipped (finally!) Ravens.

I’ve had a few successful landed larges - slow, slow, slow... ignore the meld (that’s not what you’re here for) and overwatch, overwatch, overwatch. I run (usually the scout, because lightning reflexes) the scout up (motion trackers are great), trip the pod, and run her/him back to the rest of the squad, waiting in good positions, with good sight-lines, ready to annihilate whatever steps forward.

Just starting to get a few psis, and genemods out. Finally unlocked iron skin (my favourite).

Mechtoids are getting common, cyberdisks are still terrifying (I don’t know if it’s new, but they have a “spin-up” aoe now!?!) and thin men (and overseers) are accurate AF (the game lies when it says they have a 35% chance to hit you... they hit every GD time ).

I’m ignoring Rocketeers completely, this play - it’s all about the DAKKA (Infantry). HMG Gunners (the squadsight ones), and squadsight equipped Scouts, and (obviously) Snipers, help keep the up the fire-power without putting themselves in danger. (I had a 2-mechtoid 3-sectoid pod not know what to do with themselves as my gunner and sniper whittled them down, with my concealment scout observing the carnage.)

Squad-comp is one of everything, but +1 infantry in place of the rocketeer. “It’s super effective!”