Videos on the Kobo Vox (Android)

Hi all,

So, I'm not certain if those of you south of 49 have Kobos on your market; up here it's a Chapters Indigo thing, which is basically our version of the big box booksellers like Barnes and Noble or Borders. As far as I can tell, it is a purely Canadian e-reader.

I'm wondering if anyone has one/knows someone who has one and has used it to watch videos. The Vox is a stripped-down Android Tablet rather than a "proper" e-reader, and as far as I can tell from my cursory research online, it seems like it should play some videos through the Gallery app, but I can't figure out if there's a limit to file formats or resolutions or whatnot.

So, here are some questions for those that know the Vox, or for those who understand the tech specs better than I do - which is likely most of you.

1) Am I right that it'll play videos?
2) What format do they need to be in?
3) Is there a good free (or trial) tool that'll convert the videos to that format?
4) Will Gallery play videos from an SD card, or just from the onboard memory?
5) If not, anyone know of a decent movie player Android App?

If you're going to dive in and help me with this issue, please keep in mind that I don't know anything about Android at all, other than it's Google's mobile operating platform. I'm an iOS guy for my devices, but for my wife's purposes, a $200 tablet that'll play videos, surf the net, carry eBooks, and allow her to play Angry Birds and Tiny Tower is more than enough.

Thanks in advance for any advice or help.