Laptop support.

Really just curious if there is an easy fix to this that I don't know about.

Came across an Acer Aspire laptop that wasn't getting any sound through the speakers. I went in and checked all the settings I could find, and everything seemed alright, but I am not that familiar with Windows 7 yet, so I was hoping there is some strange setting I know nothing about.

I was able to get sound working through headphones, but built in speakers had nothing.

In Win 7 when you click on the speakers icon in the task bar you can then select "mixers" which takes you through to the devices and programmes currently attached.

On the devices "tab" there's a drop down menu. Did you adjust the onboard speaker settings from there? Are there any? Maybe also check the devices in control panel to see if there's a problem with drivers or whatnot on the mobo?