Blood Bowl: GWJ Slap & Tickle League

Somehow I just totally let this pass me by, sorry about that. Anyway thejustinbot, when can you play? Although this week is pretty terrible week for me since I'm on early starts. But sure we can work something out.

Well, my Norsemen were clearly not prepared to play after their long, beer drenched break between games. Cayne was merciful and only beat me 2-1, despite my inefficient coaching and players who preferred to throw up on themselves rather than catch the ball.

I mentioned it in the other thread, but missed doing it here. Prozac's Ex-Wives continued to favour the tie this season by matching the mighty BOINGERS in a 0-0 game in Tickle 2.

Both leagues have been advanced. This week's schedule:

Tickle League 1
[size=24]Day 7[/size]
The Hammer is my penes vs Necrophobia
Orc 'n' Pie Boar Boyz vs Kickbadguy
Pride of Oden vs Rascists, only lizards
BYE WEEK D'Kow War Rats

Tickle League 2
[size=24]Day 7[/size]
Prozac's Ex-Wives vs The Clan of Urist
LOLth Cats vs Bye Weeks
BYE WEEK Roughing United

Cayne, sorry I missed your Steam message on Thursday night. I'm working Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights, how would Tuesday night work for you?

The Ex Wives fell to the clan of Urist in what was destined to be a 1-1 game a desperate going for it 1 die blocking runner managed to KO the pestigor that was about to score and catch the ball on the bounce and waddle triumphantly up the field to clinch the win.

Peedmyself played a solid game and was definately let down by his Beast of Nurgle who spent at least 3 quarters of the game stupid.

Nitesabre and I played our match today, a hard 1-0 loss for1 the Norse.

There were a great many fouls, it's almost like the skinks were trying to level up before the playoffs...

gg ns!

Penguin suffered from some truly bad rolls this game - honestly, the issue was never really in doubt, as once again the Norsemen flailed around helplessly and were handled rather easily.

Legion - sent you a pm about scheduling, haven't heard back.

Legion and I fought to a draw in Tickle League 2. I needed to make 2 2+ GFIs with a reroll to score. Needless to say, I did not.

Can someone verify the game?

A non-loss!


Huzzah Legion!

ChrisGwinn wrote:

Can someone verify the game?


Okay this league has gotten way too freaking quiet!!! Lars whats the latest and can i have commish rights to keep the leagues moving forward at the least? We should be in finals right now just sitting on day 7.

Tickle League 2 has advanced to Finals!

MNGwinn vs Grumpicus

Prozac vs Tboon

Tickle 1, still 2 matches to play, get a move on guys!

Ok, I advanced Tickle League 1. I'm sorry I couldn't get our game in, Cayne, I was never able to find a block of a couple hours to play the past couple weeks. I gave you the inevitable win, though.

[size=26]GWJ Tickle League 1 [/size]
Pride of Oden vs Necrophobia
Rascists, only lizards vs Orc 'n' Pie Boar Boyz

[size=26]GWJ Tickle League 2 [/size]
LOLth Cats vs Blodge FTW
The Clan of Urist vs Roughing United

Get to it, boys. Good luck!

Looks like Grumpicus and I are most likely playing Monday night.

Justinbot, I yearn to get our game in

LOLth Cats over Blodge FTW 2-1 in an epic overtime match that resulted in Grumpicus down to 5 players at one point due to a combination of bad luck, a really pissed off assassin, an an ejection. I had to use an apothecary to cure a death due to a failed GFI.

It is shocking that there were no permanent injuries or deaths on either side.

The Clan of Urist emerged victorious over Roughing United 2-1. If it weren't for a short elf with a fake beard making an intercept it would have been Roughing United emerging victorious.

It was a tough, hard grindy affair with a few moments of brilliance from tboon nearly causing the upset.

Well played sir.

Tickle 2 advanced. Gwinn it's you and me for the final!

TheJustinbot we can't advance the league until you play Oily, guys please get your match in ASAP

oilypenguin wrote:

Justinbot, I yearn to get our game in

Please? I'm on steam daily. I couldn't find your user name in my friends list (which is weird since we've played) or in any of our GWJ groups.

I haven't heard from thejustinbot either, if I don't get a message from him tonight, I'll award the win to oily and advance the league.

Assuming that's going to happen Oily when do you want to play? i'm busy most of this weekend but should have sometime in the evening.

Gwinn shoot me a message if you are on and can play. We still have to find a time when we're both available.

Ok, no response from justinbot (perhaps no one checked his oil?). I awarded the win to oily, and moved the league forward.

[size=26]GWJ Tickle League 1 [/size]
Rascists, only lizards vs Necrophobia

[size=26]GWJ Tickle League 2 [/size]
LOLth Cats vs The Clan of Urist

The Clan of Urist rejoice! much ale will be drunk this night as they overcame the perfidious, meme ridden Dark Elves.

It was a crazy game as rolls were reversed with Dwarves doing all the passing and scoring and the Elves bashing and getting the injuries.

Come on Slap and Tickle!

I've always relied on the kindness of forfeits for all my wins. I'd like to thank thejustinbot for this unexpected and momentous victory.

And he didn't manage to kill my Assassin, surprisingly enough. We both had to fix deaths with an apothecary, and there were a lot of injuries.

[size=26]GWJ Tickle League 1 [/size]

Pts (W-T-L)
18 (6-0-0) Necrophobia - Cayne - Undead
10 (3-1-2) Rascists, only lizards - Oilypenguin - Lizard
7 (1-4-1) Orc 'n' Pie Boar Boyz - thejustinbot - Orc
6 (1-3-2) Pride of Odin - Knightsaber - Norse
6 (1-3-2) Kickbadguy - Chabuda - Ogre
4 (1-1-4) The Hammer is my penes - Lars - Norse
4 (0-4-2) D'Kow War Rats - onewild - Skaven

Necrophobia OVER Pride of Oden
Rascists, only lizards OVER Orc 'n' Pie Boar Boyz

Necrophobia OVER Rascists, only lizards

[size=26]GWJ Tickle League 2 [/size]

Pts (W-T-L)
16 (5-1-0) Blodge FTW - Grumpicus - Amazon
13 (4-1-1) The Clan of Urist - Prozac - Dwarf
7 (2-1-3) LOLth Cats - ChrisGwinn - Dark Elf
6 (1-3-1) Roughing United - tboon - Orc
5 (1-2-3) THE BOINGERS - gregrampage - Amazon
4 (0-4-2) Prozac's Ex-Wives - peedmyself - Nurgle
3 (0-3-3) Bye Weeks - *Legion* - Orc

LOLth Cats OVER Blodge FTW
The Clan of Urist OVER Roughing United

The Clan of Urist OVER LOLth Cats