Raspberry Pi Catch-All

I only have a couple of the original model B but they are both collecting dust these days.

I'd like to pick up a 4 but I hear they're impossible to find at a normal price.

Openmediavault NAS and Jellyfin media server. Was also using Pihole adblocker but have since migrated that to a pfsense box.

Baron Of Hell wrote:

What are you guys currently using your PIs for?

So far, NextCloud. At some point, I'll add one to run Homebridge so I can ditch the Amazon hardware, and another to run a monitoring app so that I know when a Plex server, file server, or RSS server goes down at a glance (assuming I don't either scale the idea down into an IoT device with a screen or up into the cheapest Amazon tablet).

I've been meaning to check out Pi-Hole. I'll have to look into it: https://pi-hole.net/

ZombieCoyote wrote:

I've been meaning to check out Pi-Hole. I'll have to look into it: https://pi-hole.net/

I used pi-hole for a few years and then moved on to NXFilter. I've found the controls of NXFilter to be far better for my use case. And, it's a super easy containerized install.

I just picked up an Arduino Uno starter kit because I was looking for some kind of minor new project/hobby and the Pi seemed like too big of a first step. Just beginning with my blink LED light tutorial and such. Lmk if y'all have any things you wish you had known when starting out on your Pi or other maker journies.

I got an Arduino Micro as a potential brain for a new controller for my MAME machine. I've worked my way through a number of tutorials. I've got a Rotary Encoder hooked up to it and got the Micro running a program that converts the spin of the encoder into horizontal mouse movements. The result is a spinner control that can be used in games like Arkanoid and Tempest. Eventually I want to make it so I can attach a steering wheel to it.

I have been playing around with a project (well before I started my new job anyway it is kind of on hold right now) that could maybe use a microcontroller at some point. Version 1.0 will probably be a simple switch like in the video, but I think it would be really cool to set it up so that it was on the network (and maybe using PoE for the power source) with it being able to accept simple commands from something like BridgeCMDR so that it could all be automated.

That video really cut to the chase (cutting board humor)