Larp in BC?

I'm looking for a hands-on combat-friendly larp in british columbia canada, pref. one that stays mobile in the forests and makes use of real life survival skills.

Any advice?

Easy there, Grump. I'm sure plenty of people would consider this kind of wilderness LARPing a sport. I can see the logic.

Any advice?

Find the correct forum?

Smiley added.

I am acquainted with a LARPING couple in the lower mainland of BC but rarely talk to them. If bugged I may be able to get some information.

I swear, I thought this was a question about LARPing prior to AD 1. Unfortunately, the thread does not deliver!

If you are in the lower mainland you could check out Inritius Alliance LARP Club at Check out the forums there for games times and locations and to ask questions.

Mark Charke