Pollinate Worlds - Available on the AppStore! (Updated)

Here are the changes in the latest build!

Pollinate Beta v0.9.3-502

Many changes since the last public build. We have integrated a new player tutorial. We plan on having 4 main tutorials by release but as of right now we have 2 completed (look and feel of tutorials is still being tweaked).

* Flower Workshop buy/sell is now enabled
- Ability to sell flower heads, flower parts and fully completed flowers for "Pollen Bucks"
- Ability to buy on-time purchase colors to paint your flowers with
* Flight Tutorial
* Workshop Tutorial
* Single Profile instead of many (not needed due to mobile device)
* Apple Game Center Integration
- Ability to reset Game Center authentication in Options
* Email Integration
* FaceBook Integration
- Ability to reset FB authentication in Options
* Twitter Integration
- Ability to reset Twitter authentication in Options
* 39 Achievements
* 5 Leaderboards
* Restructured main UI for better navigation and more intuitive use
* Added more labels and wording to most UIs in game
* Flower Workshop has been moved into main UI (no more loading time to visit workshop)
* Better performance and many bugs / memory leaks fixed


Just a post to say we submitted last Friday and I got an email today saying it was "In Review". So lets hope its out before XMas!


FYI, your video says it has been removed by the user.

From what I've seen, it looks like a neat little game and I'll pick it up and recommend it to my friends.

What's your expected price point? Hoping the review process goes well and quickly.

We finally got a nice gameplay trailer up. For those just interested, please let me know what you think!


Strewth wrote:

FYI, your video says it has been removed by the user.

Thanks Strewth. I forgot that I had put that old trailer there as a reply post not the first post. Thanks!

Price will be $0.99 and we will have an iPad version for $1.99 (hoping in a couple weeks).

Hoping the review process goes well too. I promised myself I wouldnt bite my nails and here I am hitting refresh constantly on Apple's site. Hard not to be obsessed when you put so much work into something.


and purchased!

And BAM, its available. Wow!


Promo Codes have been sent to all those who participated in the Beta. Thank you SO MUCH!!!