I usually just build stairs
That covers about 90% of my needs, protection and movement, for now.

Yeah I've racked up at least a dozen or two wins in squads and a handful of solo wins and I virtually never build. I'll make stairs to reach a chest, or I might panic throw a few walls behind me to escape someone but that's it. Perhaps in part because I'm usually playing to complete quests rather than to win BR. A very good builder can hose me pretty easily but eh, even if I were as good at building as I am at shooting, feels like most people are better than me at that too and it doesn't stop me from having fun. The building is definitely the thing that most distinguishes how Fortnite plays from other BR games and matters if you have aspirations of being like a high tier player, but if you just wanna play a fun BR game it doesn't make much difference, or at least hasn't for me.

Rise from your grave!!

I doubt anyone here really cares, but the new Fortnite event and season was supposed to be today starring Eminem. Well, 80 billion people tried to log on and apparently only my 12yo wasn't able to log in, so this is the greatest crisis the world has ever known.

The later concert wasn't too bad - played a bit with my son and then watched it. TBH it's not the greatest - mostly old songs with a giant Godzilla Eminem walking around destroying the city. Was cool though to see a rapper from my era still be relevant.