Path of Exile catch-all

Hmm.. it isn't easy to tell from just scanning items, but I have a few metrics I use for my HC characters worth asking about:

[ ] 300 Life per Act (+100 if melee, +100 if you regularly spend Life in some way)
[ ] 100*% effective Fire, Electric, and Cold Resistance (after including the penalties for Act 5)
[ ] 0% or more effective Chaos Resistance (after including the penalties for Act 5)

* 75% is the maximum that works by default, but Exposure from some rares, and Elemental Weakness curses from some enemies, reduce your resists by around 20-25%, which maths out to taking double damage from elemental sources when you're under the effect of one of those. It is a very easy way to get wrecked by rares and not realize why/how it happens. (Note: There are some other ways to mitigate Exposure/Curses, if you have those, 75% is fine.)

Are any of those not lining up?

Hmmm, only 1500 life.
73/73, 75/97, 75/99 for elem resists and -30% chaos. Guess I have some gear problems to fix.

Use the crafting bench and put life on each of your gear pieces if possible. Generally, you'd like to have at least 60 life on every piece. Double check you have Granite flask and use a defensive aura.

Thanks for all of the suggestions! I replaced a few pieces with armor versions with more life and res, added the Determination aura, and swapped a few damage passives for defensive passives. I still need to find some chaos resistance, but I am doing a lot better. I finished act 8 and got my 2nd labyrinth passive. I could farm for tabula rasa, but it's not really necessary for this build for a while. I might actually make it to maps in a single season!

Once you start to understand the basics of builds, you will realize how vast and deep the game really is. Dive right in!

Someone spent a lot of energy to make amazing beginner build guide. It's not just a forum post or link to PoB, it's a full web site guide with step by step progression through the acts, atlas guide, tips and tricks, and a lot of other stuff. It's for a Toxic Rain Duelist.

Finally got the third lab for this character after a few failed attempts. Next I'll finish acts for the third time. Looking forward to finishing up some quests and starting maps again while looking for a decent 6-link.

Well, I was a few days late to finish within a season, but I killed Kitava last night and got to the map room. Third time ever making it to maps. I think I am going to stick with this one. I really enjoy the build, and the build maintainer seems very keen to keep it updated for a while. Gotta clean up a few quests and then start hunting for gear uprades and atlas passives.

Well, I've managed to complete 7 maps in the first 2 tiers and get the passives from them, which is now the furthest I have ever been in the game. Once I have completed as many different maps for passives as I can, I plan to farm div cards in two maps for my build, one for Maw of Mischief, and the other for Unending Hunger. Luckily both of them are very low tier this league, so finishing them quickly shouldn't be a problem. Are there any tricks for farming div cards from low tier maps?

Last night I completed my first ever Blight! I really enjoyed it, and it was shorter than I expected. Got four low level oils from it, too. I also completed the first Maven mission and upgraded the map device. Really moving now.

One of us! One of us!

Well, patience pays off. It only took 10 years for this "first" to happen.

Would have kept for sentimental value, but at 177 divine orbs it's too good to not sell.

Congrats! That's quite the payoff. What are you going to do with all that newfound wealth?

I'll delve into the degeneracy that PoE enables -

I did it. Scuffed low level version so far but it's a lot of fun when it works (gotta fix crit and cdr/attack speed/jewels/etc). But damn.. my eyes. It wasn't as bad when I was watching the stream of him playing it but doing it myself is really tiring on the eyes.

It doesn't help that I'm doing the wand version so that's another 20 projectiles on the screen. No regrets so far.

Awesome! Impressive that you put it together so quickly. The videos of the teleworking lightning storm build are also crazy looking.

I got my first ever div yesterday! Dropped off a tier 2 map rare or boss of all things. I wonder what I should get for it.

Depends -- what build are you using?

This is the build. I already bought the Maw of Mischief. So next I need a good 6L armor, the belt, and the jewels.

If you can snag your 6L, that's going to be a huge DPS boost. Unending Hunger is also amazing on a build -- really helps with clear speed. Congrats on finding your first Div -- may it be the first of many!

I wish I could search for 6L's more easily from the PS4. Ugh.