Path of Exile catch-all

Mixolyde wrote:

This patch seems to be crashing my Xbox a lot more than normal. I will try some maps with my regular league char and see how that is.

I had the same issue on PS4 but the latest patch seems to have fixed this completely.

Homard wrote:

I'm playing a build (elemental hit ballista totems) that requires about 15 Chaos worth of required items to get going after level 60. I'm currently level 65 or so and I've got 2 chaos orbs. I've got nothing to sell either. I think I'm in the land that currency forgot. It's certainly a lot tougher to get started when the league mechanic doesn't drop orbs. OTOH, I've gotten a good look at how it feel to play solo self found as I haven't done a single trade all league.

I'm doing a low econ toxic rain build, but about to start mapping. So i've been watching videos on what the new hotness is this league and it seems that farming specific seeds for harvest is the best way to make money, and also it seems that fossils are worth like 3x-4x than what they used to be

My first exalted orb dropped today!

Sweet! Many more to come, I hope.

pvp is a joke, but go bot go!

Bot or plant? The eternal question.

There's a post that begins identically from the same username a couple of weeks ago on the forums that goes on to contain a link to buy chaos orbs, so survey says "bot".

I found another discussion on another board from him, giving his apparent last name, where he mentions that he used to sell PoE stuff for money, but now mostly plays for fun. Mostly. So I think it's a real person, cutting and pasting. But we'll see, I guess.