Path of Exile catch-all

Thanks, Fuzzball. I am playing standard league on the Xbox One, but most of that advice still applies. I just started maps for the first time, so it is all new and exciting for me.
The marketplace on the xbox is even worse. Searching is awful and most people don't set prices, so a lot of time is lost just putting your offers together. Hopefully I can get the Baron soon.

Homard wrote:

Trading is a real mess this league. Other leagues I've been able to buy and sell pretty well but this league I get very few answers to my requests and I find that when I'm selling, because of the nature of the league mechanic it's tough to answer requests. If I stop to whisper I'm going to die or miss out on my fog time. Also, it seems like the whole trade api interface has been out of sync for most of the league. I get whispers on stuff that was gone hours and a few times days ago.

Thanks for pointing out the cheap six link prophecies this league Fuzzball. I hadn't looked. I wonder why they're so cheap this league?

Mercury Trade is your friend here (if you're the seller) as it vastly streamlines the response process.

I started with 2 exalts 900 chaos saturday, started 4 live searches on (one for each of the shaper guardian maps, at 28c or less). Bought 6 of each map. total outlay about 660 chaos.

Ran the 24 guardian maps and then the 6 shapers. Ended with 11 exalts 1050 chaos after selling the stuff gained along the way, a starforge, a necklace from shaper, and the 6 shaper fragments.

Doing it again now.

I was really struggling with an impale cyclone dual wield sword build. The ascendancy was Slayer. I had decent damage doing early red maps, but I was dying once or twice a map (capped resists, 6K life, fortify up) even playing fairly carefully. I was about to give up on the character as it just wasn't fun. Then I saw Facebreaker cyclone builds and thought I'd give it a go. The first step was to change my ascendancy from Slayer to Champion so I used the regret orbs I had and changed over. I decided to give it a go with my dual wield before I spent my exalts on some new Facebreaker gear. Turns out, the build I'm using is 10 times better as a Champion. I've done 20 maps and gained a level and a half without dying and my damage is significantly higher. I may spec into Facebreaker later, but for now this is the way to go. I never would have thought the ascendancy change would make a that big a difference.

Interesting! I just did some arranging of gems and started playing with animate guardian on my summoner build. I need to do some socket crafting to setup my auras and then I will be close to the end game starter build I am working toward.

I did some mine runs yesterday to try to find a fractured wall around an isolated vault, but could not find it. Really annoying.

Mixolyde wrote:

I did some mine runs yesterday to try to find a fractured wall around an isolated vault, but could not find it. Really annoying.

I swear some of these are just to tease players with no actual path to them

That's my hypothesis too.

I went back to my impale cyclone guy this week. I was rolling with a pair of Ahn's Might swords. High physical dps and very very cheap. I was able to do T16 maps on about a 15 chaos budget so it was ok, but I was slow and fragile.

So, I started making Cobalt jewels with increased energy shield and corrupting them. I managed to make 3 -1% mana reserved jewels in about an hour...and sold them for 17 Exalts. I spent the first 7 on a 6 link Socket attacks are free + everything you kill explodes chest. This was a huge quality of life bonus and made me a lot sturdier and faster to clear maps. The next 3 Exalts went on a great Paradoxia sword with a mod that triggers the bloodlust skill. It does double damage so all the physical damage I've stacked makes it very powerful. This made me very fast to clear things and was beginning to get into the silly power range. THEN I spent the last 5 on a Saviour sword. This thing makes 2 phantoms of you that attack things with you. Now I'm just an overpowered lawnmower and it's fun. Even big bosses melt as the impales just stack up so quickly with 3 of us swirling. I also found a top 1% Herald of Guilt ring to add a ton of offensive power. Total value of the build now is about 20EX and it's probably more powerful than my unreal spectre build from 2 leagues ago. 100% would recommend.

Nice work! I need to farm a lot of chaos to make progress on my King of All Summoners witch build. I also need my third Aspirant run, but who has the time for those super long dungeons?

New league announcement!

Harvest League

Well I will be playing this league.

My standard stash is such a mess.

Stealthpizza wrote:

Well I will be playing this league.

My standard stash is such a mess.

I may too when it hits Xbox.

So, new league. Overall like it, but a few annoying things:

  • The damn bugs run away sometimes and they are so. hard. to. find.
  • Auto planter is incredibly un-smart it's basically useless
  • The layout of the garden area just makes it annoying to plant in a good layout
  • Run into bugs with not being able to pick up things in the garden that should be pick-up-able
  • Higher tier seeds flash red to indicate there's something wrong, even if there's nothing you need to do to fix it -- e.g., if the 'wrong' thing is just that you need more condensed life force to feed them (even if you just fed them and they will literally get fed the next time step)

Apart from that it's cool, hopefully they will fix up some of the annoying things. Never played at the start of a league before so it was cool seeing all the people in the towns and watching the economy slowly inflate.


I actually gave this game a real chance after bouncing off three times prior.

Now I'm hooked.

All I want to do is get back in and sling Skeletons, Flaming Skulls, and Zombies around. I feel a bit like you do the first time you're truly swimming out far into the ocean on your own and you realize you're actually in the water and there's no one to help you. I see SO MANY THINGS I have no idea what they do that I'm sticking to what I can figure out. Squash monsters. Level up. Follow my Necromancer build.

Just wait until you get past about level 40 or 50. Then when you complete the main story, it *really* opens up.

Important question. Exploding zombies or non-exploding?

I love my necromancer. This game has so many cool options.

Totes exploding zombies!

Yep. Totes 'splody bois.

Definitely exploding, AND on fire

Thanks to Karnak I learned about linking! Turns out my style of "I'll figure it out as I go along" isn't the best for picking up on the nuances of the game. It seems like there's a fairly robust in-game wiki because when I looked up "Aura's" for instance there was a solid description and video.

What's the go-to loot filter? Is it FilterBlade? I'm trying to figure out which Add-ons are best for making the loot grind smoother

I use NeverSink. Start the season with the number 2 filter, go to higher ones as I get more capable. Easy to install, highly customizable, unobtrusive but informative in-game.

It's a little annoying that I can't access my stash from the sacred grove. Otherwise, I like this league so far.

This patch seems to be crashing my Xbox a lot more than normal. I will try some maps with my regular league char and see how that is.

Any space for a GWJ guild invite? My character name is AseMaa

Which league is AseMaa in?

Robear wrote:

Which league is AseMaa in?


You are in!

did they increase the mob density in a recent league?

I've not played in 3-4 leagues. I'm normally level 60 when i am ready to finish the story and farm to hit level 70 before i do. I just hit act 9 and already 65 and haven't done a complete act run to this point. Only distraction has been the harvest mode which doesn't generate enough mobs to explain the extra xp.

I'm playing a build (elemental hit ballista totems) that requires about 15 Chaos worth of required items to get going after level 60. I'm currently level 65 or so and I've got 2 chaos orbs. I've got nothing to sell either. I think I'm in the land that currency forgot. It's certainly a lot tougher to get started when the league mechanic doesn't drop orbs. OTOH, I've gotten a good look at how it feel to play solo self found as I haven't done a single trade all league.