Path of Exile catch-all

Just got back into this after a long hiatus. Long enough that I had to create a new account

Just about reached the end of Act 1 and am beginning to get my head around slots/gems but I'm confused:

What's the point of leveling gems? Their abilities don't seem to change, but their requirements increase.

Also, is there any way of guiding the sell/buy value of items to the vendors into things I want or have?

Finally, what's the point of "sealing" a prophecy. I just completed one (involving upgrading a non-magic item) that kicked off (gave me an additional +life bonus) without sealing it.

Gems increase their stats as they level. It isn't huge, but it's keeps up with the 'inflation' of monster levels as you go through the game.

Sell value of items is set by vendor recipes which you can look up on the wiki. An early one to watch for is 3 linked sockets of three different colors. This will net you a chromatic orb. vendors set buy prices based mainly on the level of the item stocked I think. Sometimes there are deals to be had...especially buying the items that will get you a chromatic orb early on in the game.

Sealing a prophecy gets rid of it so you can get another one. Some are hard to do so it's convenient to clear them out instead. Sealing also lets you turn a prophecy into an item to sell. There are 30 or 40 prophecies that are worth a fair bit of currency and one lucky prophecy can get you started buying good gear from other players.

Moggy, pass me your in-game character name (and the league you are in) and I'll put you in the guild so you can ask questions and play with people in-game.


Legion League.

I had my first "killed by boss" today. The captain in the ship graveyard. He is going down...

With Blight coming on the 6th, let's see if we can't clear out the Legion Guild Stash. There's not really room left in the main league one, I don't think. (I will check.) I don't want to have that stuff hanging around the Standard league if we don't have to.

Please note, this does not mean grab everything and vendor it today lol. Please leave some good stuff for others to pick over through the next two weeks and try to only grab stuff you might use in a later build. Remember that slot numbers, connections and colors can be changed, so even a one-slot could be useful.

I'd say once we hit a day or so before Legion ends, it'll be the Wild Wild West.


Why not allow it to travel to standard? Last i looked nothing was there for standard.

That's definitely the fallback. But I suspect that in Standard we probably want a higher quality of gear to share. In a league, the scattershot approach helps, since everyone is starting from scratch. But it would be cool if Standard had some good donations for higher-end players, as I suspect most of us playing Standard are playing characters that are much closer to the end game. And of course the "Take a Penny, Leave a Penny" philosophy would probably work well in that environment.

If that does not make sense, sure, we can let stuff fall through. Or if that is what people want I'll go with it. Any other thoughts, Exiles?

Only reason i brought it up is that i've seen folks in the past ask for help in standard. Right now they're on a roll with good content for their new updates, but at some point i'm sure folks will fall back to standard.

I have not been playing Standard, I guess I should check in there. Sorry if anyone's feeling left behind, and please post here if there's anything I can do to help.

Blight League starts today! Get your motors running and chainsaws ready!

See ya all in game. Excited about the changes to summoners and am pretty sure I’ll start this league with a Necro. Hit me up if you need some help.

boseafus wrote:

See ya all in game. Excited about the changes to summoners and am pretty sure I’ll start this league with a Necro. Hit me up if you need some help.

When I get back to this I'll go necro as well. Looks like some solid improvements.

I like the league mechanic but they kind of need to work on the placement algorithm a little. I've had a couple that were in a very cramped area such that a door of baddies was super close to the thing you are supposed to be protecting and I could only get one tower to hit them. It would also be nice if there was some way to communicate where more doors were going to spawn in so I could make my tower choices a little better.

Nits aside, it is pretty fun to the point I seek them out rather than my usual "if I run across it" thing.

Minions really kick ass now, at least Zombies do. Very gratifying.

Robear wrote:

Minions really kick ass now, at least Zombies do. Very gratifying.

Yeah..they are OP and I love it. Leveling has been a blast. And RNG has been kind to me (I've had an EX drop from the Blight and a killer minion jewel).

I started the new league yesterday with a new ranger. I was planning on a "Tornado Raider" - yeah, I never win points for originality

I followed some leveling guides and powered through Act 1 in a few hours. I've now found myself hurting against the Act 2 bosses - can't get Oak at all I even borrowed that nifty helmet in the guild stash to no avail.

I think I'll try another toon. Sounds like a Witch/Necro is fun.

Hey Robear, can I hit you up for a guild invite later tonight? I’ve been away a couple of leagues, but am excited about some tower defense in PoE, so jumping back in!

I’m running a Dominating Blow party buff build I found for Templar and these zombies are already kicking butt in the early leveling.

Need a character name, and the league they are in. I'll hook you up in the morning, okay?

Oh that's totally fine, and no rush!! I'm playing in Blight league and my character name is Taldebaran. Thanks!

Invite is up. You'll get it when you log in next.

Was playing in hardcore mode and died last night after 12 hours of progress. That hurts. Time to try a different character class and start again!

Funny thing happened last night. I was in the Sarn Encampment with the Guild stash open when suddenly a bunch of items appeared!! There is life out there!

I'm leveling up my Witch (MoggyEyeOFNewt) nicely. I'm following what seems to be an effective guide. I'm doing an "OK" job with the gem/link recommendations. Somewhat limited by gem availability. Also limited by sockets, but I am keeping a good eye out for non-magic items with the right sockets that I can then turn into a rare easily enough.

The build guide recommends a Queen's Escape for a weapon. I've seen quite a few available for trade with prices ranging from 20 chaos to 5 exalteds. Still out of my price range! Using this as an example, however, do you recommend buying a cheaper item and adding sockets, links, and colors myself or holding out for a better item that costs more? When I can afford it, when during my leveling would you recommend I get it? So far I'm about staying about 3 levels about zone level despite powering my way though this leveling guide.

Last night I discovered two things about the UI that is going to make things even better:

- There are 5 additional hot keys for spells (CTRL-QWERT)
- I can assign specific spells to specific hot keys!

Oh yeah - I've been hitting the Vaal maps as I come across their portals and scored a pretty awesome Vaal Summon Skeleton. When charged it summons a ludicrous number of skeletons. It's become my go to "Boss Killer". Piety went down so quickly!

I've started this league with a Scourge Arrow build. I've never played a ranged build so it's all new to me. It's also in keeping with playing a build that isn't in the recently buffed build scene. I played a spectre summoner last league and it was very powerful so I can't imagine how strong they are this league.

I like the new mechanic. I have great expectations for it when I get to maps. I will say that having to run through the story every league is getting old....this might be my last kick at the can unless a really fun looking league appears.

How do you get to those additional hot keys? I don't see them on the UI... Do you just have to remember them?

Press the control button

LiftingNerdBro has a good starter build video up. He's links to a really nice summoner build for those who likes the minions. Hats off you you Cmagne this game would make me foam at the mouth in Hardcore mode.

SRS with Infernal Legion and Minion Instability is a pretty cool power combination.

Blighted maps horrifyingly hard.

I'm thinking though, this might actually be the first content in a long time really geared towards group play so someone can focus on defense while someone focuses on building towards with random clearing.

Just for fun I pulled up my Spectre build from last season to see what changes have been made. I instantly noticed that my chest item (Vis Mortis) retained it's +1 spectres mod. Not only did everything about my spectres get increased significantly, but now I can also summon 5 spectres instead of 4. It's sort of fun to play, but realistically other than uber elder it's just like running a bulldozer over the content. 3 cheers for legacy items I guess.

I'm sort of looking forward to blighted maps, but I wonder how some of the rare monster mods are going to play out. The one that doesn't let nearby monsters die looks like it might be a gamebreaker.

SpyNavy wrote:

Hats off you you Cmagne this game would make me foam at the mouth in Hardcore mode.

It is incredibly stressful. Probably would play normal mode myself but the friend I'm playing with is a strong advocate for hardcore mode so I'm going with it.