Path of Exile catch-all

I just don't use the marketplace. Never have. So it's possible to have fun without the ideal builds.

Thanks for the votes of support, I may give it a try. I loaded up Torchlight 2 last night and had a lot of fun with that! Going to be giving that a shot and try to relearn some of the good builds (all of the guides I found were 6 years old haha).

I loaded the Synergies mod and will be playing with 3-4 other people. Hopefully we can get some good traction out of the game.

I decided to try out something different this league. I used to play a lot of Heroes of the Storm and wanted to try and re-create a character from it within Path of Exile. Since there is a melee focus, I decided to focus on one of my favorite melee characters from that game: Sonya. She actually is based on the Diablo 3 barbarian, so maybe people would be more familiar with that... but I was introduced to it through Heroes of the Storm, so that's my particular reference point.

Here's the build I've put together so far.

Q - Chain Hook (Ancient Spear): Think I have some bleed support here, but down the road may switch over to poison or something.
W - Tectonic Slam (Seismic Slam): A bigger AOE in Path of Exile, but thematically feels similar. The HOTS version was more single target, so may look at switching this up to replicate the game play feel better. Suggestions?
E - Cyclone (Whirlwind): I added some life leech on it, which is how I usually built HOTS Sonya, and it's feeling pretty good.
R - Leap Slam (Leap): I wonder if there is anything that would emulate the arreat crater effect? Or feel like that... Having it on such a low cool down is fun
T - Rallying Cry (Leap too): One of Sonya's trademarks was her war cry before going into her leap. This is more for "aesthetic" reasons than anything else.

I'm trying to do a passive build around dual wielding, life leech, and rage. The most important functionally feels like the rage, which I thought emulated her passive in Heroes of the Storm pretty well. I think I'll end up dual wielding swords and trying to have a mad max/punk vibe to the armor. The skin I'd like to replicate, although I don't know how possible it is, is the wrath one.


So far it's been pretty fun to try and build a character around more of a "feel" and an aesthetic design. I'm pretty new to this game, so I'd be interested to hear feedback on ways to tweak the build or suggestions on how to tune my build or gear. I'm especially feeling kind of stuck around the armor and weapons, so if you have any suggestions there, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for reading!

That seems like a great system to build from, njudah, keep us up to date on what you find. I enjoy the game more when I set an arbitrary or aesthetic goal and chase it. It gives me focus and forces me to change up my play style, which I would otherwise probably not do.

I’m proud that I didn’t end up playing a Witch every time in this game, lol. The folks here have helped me understand the system and get out of my comfort zone.

I always try to play with whatever new skills they introduce each league. Bladestorm is pretty solid and follows the standard melee health build. Choices really focus on going barbarian or duelist which revolves around huge health or huge leech. The other choice becomes 2 handed or dual wielding; I went 2h axe duelist with my first go. I may start a dual wield and see how much of a difference I get.

big thing is to not try and emulate streamers. They're not normal players.

I am interested in joining the guild, my character name is Trilane in the Legion League.

Long time listener and Patreon supporter, but this might be my first post reaching out into the void. So I understand if you need to make sure I am not some transient before making an invite.

If anyone is interested in playing an Arc build, this guide is great. Requires nothing to start, kills quickly and feels tanky. The guide itself is for a Witch but I switched to Templar because I wanted to try creating my own passive tree.

Welcome, Trilane! Please feel free to contribute unneeded Epics or exceptional Rares to the Guild stash, and take what you will use, within reason. When you are done with a borrowed piece, please return it so others can try it out; please don't sell Guild gear.

Looking forward to seeing you on!

If we’re sending out invites my Legion character is Kedmund.

Invite sent, Ruhk.

Robear, next time you are on after you see this, can you shoot me an invite please if there's still room? My Legion character is named DocMaurauLeg.


I started playin this league Saturday morning. Got about 14 hrs in this weekend, on t4 maps now, working on the gear to survive and farm in yellow maps.

I’m doing crit dual wield cyclone, which was I was unhappy last two times I tried melee, and loving it with the improvements now!only about 35c spent on the toon so far. Easily earnable as you go.

I’d be happy to join the guild again and help folks out. I’m just solo at the moment, none of my old crew playing.

I’m thinking this might just be about the best league ever.

Zizaran has an amazing series of lets play together videos he is making. They go on YouTube and are like 6 to 8 hrs long. They’re videos of specially done streams where he starts with a set, usually very small, budget and plays through the game into end game content (around lvl 80 I think) just teaching the game a cheap budget build that is quite capable.

I’ll link some of em tonight but you can just google his YouTube.. if you just need help with playing through the game in general and actually getting going with a bulls you do well on, check em out.

Fuzz, you're always welcome. Put up one of your Legion character names and I'll hook you up.

Just set my personal record for raw exalt drops in a day...


1 from a legion dude and 3 in a stack from a Betrayal coin drop execution.

Played whole betrayal league didn't get that, got it on my first coin drop in legion. Funded my chest piece tonight with that.

Had fun chatting with some of ya’ll last night in guild chat.

Common theme i’ve Seen is fear of or revulsion of the trading/marketplace aspect of the game.

I’m very good at that, frequently with as many as 5 market tabs open on second screen while playing.

If anyone wants some assistance on how to use it effectively and mostly painlessly I’m happy to help, especially with a walkthrough assistance via discord.

Here’s my tip of the day for buying maps to fill in your atlas:

Open a market tab in your browser and to

Search on the map you want. Select a minimum and maximum buyout price. Put the currency for the purchase in your inventory. Click the automatically find and display new listings thing at the top of the listings and set audio queue. Start running another map, Soon as dings your new listing copy the whisper and send it. Go to their hideout directly from your map and trade. You will almost always get the purchase, I’d they don’t msg back, keep mapping and try the next one.

This method is at least 90% success immediate trade for me cause I only target immediate listings for simple mass market items.

Do the same thing for mass market items like tabula rasa. There is only sorrow messaging 30 minute old listings.

If anyone here really understands trade, it's Fuzzballx.

I agree. I take advantage of the market place constantly.

Lot of folks here seem to have social phobias though or at least that has been the theme in the past when this topic would be brought up.

Still with this league the way it is it's easy to get multiple mass market items and it's easy to flip em around for the currency you need for a missing piece you want.

Another great map acquisition site is this

Anyone else getting lots of crashes in-game? That is, not in town? Not sure if I should kick my graphics down a notch, or what. It's unusual.

Is the DX11 version still crashy compared to the other?

This particular league is plagued with crashes. I don't think it's necesarrily related to the Legion content because it happens to me in delves as well as in maps.

FWIW, I never had a problem in previous leagues.

Good. I was worried it was my new video card or something.

Probably a lot of the issues come from the major reworks they did to melee, pathing, etc.

So I'm playing this a lot and wouldn't mind joining the guild if there's a slot available.

Legion league: Warrdehn.


So I have a Berserker, level 70 something, with my passive tree pretty much where I want it, ascensions done for the first three difficulties, and started mapping yesterday, so far some t1 and t2 maps. Certain modifiers can make t2 challenging, but mostly it's easy enough. Should I just keep progressing up the maps? It seems rather aimless at the moment.

Edit: and thanks for the invite, robear

Start a new character? I mean, that's kind of the game cycle...

Ah, okay. I was thinking there was more. Maybe I'll make a non-melee and see how it goes.

I go till i get a piece or two for another build. I'm on my 2nd character and have pieces for a 3rd, but enjoying the spin2win club too much, but at some point will run an ED build.

There are soooo many different build possibilities, it seems weird to just go “one and done”. I use my higher levels to hunt for gear, if I need it. (I could just buy it but I prefer looking for it.) But pretty much each skill gem has a different mechanic, and then you can combine them together, and adding in the Passive tree and gear, well, every character will be unique. If you’re bored, try finishing one of each of the main types, and then start going for particular builds that catch your eye. There’s *years* of play just in those simple variants.

But most of all, play how you like and have fun!