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Anybody here playing the synthesis league that has top tier crafts of 1:increased (43-50%) spell damage w/ (6%) added damage as chaos 2: (25-28%) global crit multi 3: (50-69%) critical chance for spells? I've got a sambar sceptre with the multimod craft on it (2EX yikes) but I don't have the enchants unlocked yet and they're all locked behind unveiling weapons OR tier 3 rooms in the temple which could take another 10 years. If anyone has them and wants to craft them for me let me know...I think I've got plenty of currency to do it.

Path of Exile: Legion patch notes

Tried playing on PC a few times but the game never really clicked. Since the PS4 version released I've been hooked...its better than Diablo on console and thats saying a lot.

Content update 3.7 brings a major rework to all melee, reworked ascendancies and a vastly different skill tree. From what I've read on the forums though, Occultists were nerfed pretty hard.

Edit: 3.7 Skill Tree

My only problem with this game and I have hundreds of hours in it is I hate the multiple currency system and the crafting mechanics. Give me gold, give me an easily searchable list of items and enchants and let me buy it if I have the gold. Randomize my results is fine but just simplify the process.

I installed this years ago and just now really got into it. I love it. I'm in act four with my first character without guides or anything. My passive tree is probably a disaster, but I'm having a great time.

The one stumbling block I hit was that I had no idea that the trial of ascendancy a) would take so long without any save points, or b) had to be finished without dying. I got all the way to the end and looked up at my girlfriend when she asked me a question while making dinner, got smashed to death when the boss had a pixel sized sliver of life left, and now have to start from scratch. I prefer that a game lays out a major gameplay change before it happens, so I was a bit annoyed with that.

Otherwise, I've really enjoyed my time so far and even bought some premium currency to support the devs. Any recommendations on how to spend it besides extra slots for the stash? I bought the currency tab and a premium tab upgrade so far.

A stash tab for Maps and Divination Cards would be my next choices, in that order. Stash tabs go on sale pretty often, so you may want to wait for that. Usual discount is 25%, if i remember correctly.

I'm going to spring for the fragment tab this league I think. I have map/currency/essence/card tabs and 2 premium tabs for selling stuff. I've never run out of room in a league. The reality is that after level 80 on a character almost nothing is worth keeping. I still ID stuff, but the crafting has come so far that very few found items are saleable (rings and jewels excepted).

I was pretty proud to have a character last league that the only purchased item he wore was a 6 link tinkerskin. I even managed to craft one of those insane multicraft sambar sceptres all by myself in the end. I only made one great synthesis specific item though. I found 9 shields all league with 2 fractured mods. scoured and corrupted them all leaving 6 that weren't ruined. Only the second set of 3 I hit "immune to curses while corrupted" and some lightning resist. Whee, one of my standard characters is going to have a great item someday.

When does the league start? Thursday?

Here's the timer:

Yeah, after I posted I remembered the timer and logged in to check it. Thanks!

They pretty much gutted everything I wanted to play in the upcoming league so I'm quite lost as to what I'll do. Suddenly I have no desire to play all that much as I dislike melee. So many nerfs..

Well after a lot of thinking I've decided to try a spectre summoner for this league. I've already done cyclone (Physical, starforge shock, ngamahu) in 3 different leagues so I'm trying something completely different despite the hints that cyclone will be a lot of fun this time around. I've never done a summoner before. It was a tossup between this and a golem build but the golems looked like it might be tough to get the required items as a league starter.

Preload of the patch is up. Going to be a melee heavy league given all the changes. I think Im going to follow Demi's purple people lacerate build and test the new skill and stances.

There is queue of almost 15K people already

So, this may be in here somewhere, but do we have a guild?

I think we do stranger, I believe Robear runs the con on that.

Elysium wrote:

So, this may be in here somewhere, but do we have a guild?

Who is this guy?

Yep, we have a guild. After someone already in the guild vouches for you, I can add you.

I just need a character name to put in the invite, and the league it's in. You can post that here, it won't hurt, or just pm me. Then I'll put the invite up and you'll get it on the next login, if you are not already logged in.

Ugh, I didn't know there was going to be all this politics of vouching!!

The name's Ezmyrelda

Anyone else getting massive hitching when playing?

Well, they want to make sure you are not just going to sign up into the guild and never actually play.

Oh boy another league where I putter around, get to Act 6 and stop. I have no idea why but I just can't get through Act 6 or 7 consistently. Last league I got to Act 9, thanks in large part to Sean's enthusiastic videos, which I think is the furthest I've gotten.

Sean, are you going to do any videos for Legion?

Yep, getting some big lag spikes. Probably heavy server use, the towns are packed.

So with my new monitor i have serious issue with the graphics in the game and all the recommended fixes haven't resolved it. It happens when i move. Example below. It doesn't show it here, but when walking through loot it makes everything greyish, especially blues, and makes loot drops annoying without having to modify loot filters extensively which is also annoying. It works just fine on my other monitor, but i have it set to the side and playing on it messes up with the ergonomics of my setup.


What kind of monitor is the problematic one? What is your video card? Have you tried swapping the cables? What about just using the problem monitor with the other disconnected?

I admit to being a bit worried it's a cable or port problem, or something with the card.

Robear wrote:

What kind of monitor is the problematic one? What is your video card? Have you tried swapping the cables? What about just using the problem monitor with the other disconnected?

I admit to being a bit worried it's a cable or port problem, or something with the card.

This is game specific. Not an issue elsewhere. I have a 2080rtx card. Problem monitor is an Acer Z321qu which i have set to 165hz. Monitor that works is a dell S2716dg 144hz. I set the primary down to 144 and it still happens.

Hmmm. Are you using G-Sync/Freesync? I found on the Acer site that there are some issues with flickering, blinking and other artifacts if you are using Freesync/G-Sync but not in full-screen mode, and also possibly if your cap is above 142fps.

So maybe try it in full-screen? I see you already tried it at 144, but maybe put that back as well for the test?

I've tried it fullscreen. Both monitors are g-sync and the off monitor is 144 and works just fine.

Just thought I would jump in to say I'm loving the update to melee skills. League mechanic seems great so far and playing a cyclone build feels so great (after stinking for so long). Hope to see you in game!


I would love to play again but made the mistake of watching some of the top streamers in the game playing. I'm not sure I'm patient enough to re-learn all of the mechanics again. I get so confused on what is a good item and what is a bad item. They pick up a yellow and are like "This thing is awesome!" where I would have vendored it right away. I know it takes years and hours upon hours of practice to be as good as them so don't expect that out of me playing, but there's quite the learning curve I haven't decided if I'm willing to overcome.

If it's fun to you, then play it. The experience will come. Mine took forever, but my play now is far more efficient than it was even a year or two ago. Thing is, I put the trip before the destination, and I've had fun even when I didn't know what I was doing.

I found the game to be way more fun playing the SSF leagues (Solo Self Found, no trading). I found in the normal league, I'd be trying to amass currency to buy the gear items recommended by the build guide, which meant that most drops didn't matter to me. With SSF, almost all drops matter. Even currency drops matter. Orb of chance drops, sure why not try it to see what I can get.

I end up collecting good items that don't pertain to my build (like a bow when I'm playing a necromancer), and when my current run burns out (gets too hard to advance any more, becomes frustrating), I look over my stashed equipment and decide based on that what type of character to make next. I find this a lot more satisfying.