Here comes the BHA Christmas!!!

With the turkey getting cold and the pumpkin pie digesting, we are officially in the Christmas season!!! My favorite Christmas past time has always been the Christmas carols!!! Something I used to do for the guild a few years back was write a guild Christmas carol spoofing Dashing Through the Snow and poke a little fun with various guildies It's been a while since I've been in a guild that I've actually liked so I figured I'd revive my old tradition and give ya'll a little something to sing when you are in the Christmas spirit during raid time

Just remember that it is sung like Dashing Through the Snow and Jingle Bells.....enjoy!!!

Dashing through the snow,
Grinds stood in some sh*t,
Jeynsa's going down,
Lawk just took one hit,
Blue dunno what to do,
Cuz Carg is playing her too,
And Open's jokin' he's not drunk,
It's only a drink or two!!


Jingle Bells,
What's that tell,
Youko pulled the boss,
I don't know how she found him,
Cuz she's usually lost,


Jingle Bells,
Back in Hell,
To find my body again,
Maybe Oily will learn to heal,
And then we'll finally win!!

Lol. Glad to see I made it in the tune. Thanks for the fun

Oh yay! I still have previous years saved on my hard drive somewhere. I should dig for those and post a collage!

I missed these!

Too funny!

Y'all have a member from Porter now? That's right next to my hometown, on the outskirts of Houston!