Student Needs Your Help!

Hello everyone,
I'm doing a study on online communities for one of my courses at the University of Akron and need respondents for a brief survey I've whipped up. Certis gave me the okey-doke, so my first thought was of GamersWithJobs. All of the answers will be 100% anonymous and will in no way be published or used for anything outside of my use.

Here is a link to the survey. Please PM me if you have any questions or concerns.

EDIT: Survey is closed. Thank you everyone for the answers!



That was brief. Done.


I'm helping!

FedoraMcQuaid wrote:

I'm helping!'re participating.

Done. I assumed that gaming subscriptions included Xbox Live Gold.

You might want to change the genre question from radio buttons to checkboxes - I'm a fan of more than one.

That said, I'm done.

I am in, with the caveat that I will not send shirtless pictures.

I learned my lesson when Q-Stone did his "anonymous" survey.

Bizzarro I'm helping!


Done! Did I pass?

I may have taken it twice. The first time I got a warning about Javascript being off so I don't know if it actually went through.

Helped. Went with "Married" as relationship status. Doesn't quite capture the complexity of things, but it's close enough.



Done. I'd be interested to see the results once they are completed. I hope you will share.

Done, best of luck in your assignment/project.

I have contributed!

This is the first survey I've had to answer saying yes to having children.


My info is yours. Be gentle.

Hey thanks, everyone. Posted less than 3 hours ago and have all fo the responses I am required to get (that does not mean a larger survey group would not be helpful).

Vega wrote:

Done! Did I pass?

Nope. See me after class.

bennard wrote:

Done. I'd be interested to see the results once they are completed. I hope you will share.

I'll post in here when the paper is done and people can PM me for it if they so desire. I guarantee disappointment.

Done, for a fellow Ohioan.


Done. Very good questions. Can we see the final results when you're done? I'd be curious as to how it turns out.


Done, although the "Favorite Game" question was a toss-up between several extremely worthy entries.

Done! Did I win?