BHA Raids 11-23 through 11-30

Could only get a FL run in this week. Will we kill Rags?

Tuesday @ 7:30 Server:
Tanks: Carg and Open
Heals: Lawk, Sel, Rant
DPS: Jeynsa, Zero, Gannon, Youko, Reaps


zeroKFE - rDPS, liability
Tuesday/Wednesday: 7 - 10 PM I can do ONE of these nights the full time; I could potentially do a second, but I would probably have to leave around 8:30 PM or so.
Sunday: MAYBE. If so, 7 - 10 PM, but folks will be in town for Thanksgiving over the weekend and I'm not sure yet if they will be gone by raid time on Sunday.

Other trinkets and tier tokens (ie, Staghelm and Rag) I have everything I can get out of Firelands, so while I'm happy run whatever you've got for me, I'm also perfectly happy to step aside so that some of our less frequent raiders can get in on our farmed FL fights.

Yeah. I think that, realistically, we'll only be able to get in a Tuesday and a Sunday run in.

Still, post availability and we'll see.

Open- Tues/Wed

I have a hockey game on Sunday

Hackwyrth available Tuesday only; Family comes into town on Wednesday and is there through the end of the week.

Out of town wednesday thru monday. So tuesday night is it for me, really.

I can go Tuesday. Sunday depends on our travel plans.

I'm available any day except Wednesday and Turkey Day.....spriest Gannon or pally Sorsha (if a tank is needed) for FL

For the 4.0 stuff, I'd like to take my DK Ganon for dps....been wanting to see how he does in a raid.....I have an ok tanking set for him, if ya'll really need a tank, but might have to beef it up a little over the weekend (yay insta tanking queues!!!!)

I'm available Tuesday, and should be available Friday and Saturday nights. I've got a lot of gear that could stand to be upgraded, and a bunch more Eternal Embers to collect. Hint hint.

Available Tuesday to tank if needed

Grinds- poor healer/worse rdps. Tuesday, Probably Sunday. I will be in a turkey coma on Thursday and Friday.

Chuda is available any time. Screw the turkey.

BadKen wrote:

Chuda is available any time. Screw the turkey.

I tried that once, it did not end well.

Wait..... what are we talking about?


I should be OK to run on Tues. Will post if it changes.

Wednesday / Sunday.

I could potentially be available on Tuesday at 7:30 PM server IF I had at least two days notice (Sunday evening at the latest).

Not Thursday (Unless we do a midday raid...)


Would like to run with the rogue. Have had the 4 piece bonus for 3 weeks now and have yet to activate it...

I was saddened to find no subtitle stating this as "The Week of the Roasted Moonturkey".

Carg and Co., pretty much any day except Wednesday, since that would be when we're having the feast. That's actually not even a given at this point and I might even be available then, but it doesn't look like we have even close to the requisite personnel to get anything going on Wednesday anyway.

Blue's availability is basically the same as mine (in case I forget to remind her to post it).

Tuesday is best, and Sunday. I'm trying to find out if we're going out of town on Wed.. if not, perhaps some other day this week... if none, then we're eating at home.

Blue, of course, since I haven't gotten anyone else up past 70 yet.

My availability has changed. I will not have access to my PC on Tuesday or likely Sunday, so I can't raid this week. Sorry.

Ret pally DPS main - Narayan
Arcane mage DPS alt - Nemyath

Stick one of those toons into one (seriously, just one this week... I want more Skyrim time) raid, whenever, if you like. I'm all for stepping aside for those who need runs.

EDIT: I am unavailable now. See below.

Tanks: Carg and Open
Heals: Lawk, Sel, Rant
DPS: Jeynsa, Zero, Gannon, Youko, Grinds

Can we down Rag? I GUESS WE'LL SEE.

Sorry, not enough people for Sunday. It looks like this will be our only run this week. Unless... some of you want to post if you can go on Sunday (/looks at Burnz).

Next week: Watch the hilarity as Gannon and I attempt to tank 4.0 stuff until I get fed up with how bad I am.

@Reaps: Sorry, I should have put this together last night. Not enough notice to get you in tomorrow.

Youko and alts

Tue and Sunday

Thanksgiving week I imagin everyones busy Thursday lol

i made plan for sunday already, so i m out XD

btw... wat time is the raid?

I may be able to make Sunday.But it looks like no raid Sunday?

Burnz wrote:

I may be able to make Sunday.But it looks like no raid Sunday?

Right. Youko killed it dead.

Youko wrote:

btw... wat time is the raid?

7 Server.

Grinds just texted and told me he has a work obligation tonight. He asked if I could step in. I will try to leave work early tonight (I really want to kill Rags) but realistically I won't be available until at least 7:30.

"Work Obligation"

Tells whatsherface I said hi =)

7:30 it is.

7:30 it is, and we can have Blue step in to help us kill trash and maybe get an attempt or two in if Shank happens to be a little farther behind than he expects (this was originally going to read "when TK is late" until I realized he wasn't running tonight).

It really is work related. I don't have whatsherface until tomorrow.

tundra wrote:

It really is work related. I won't "have" whatsherface until tomorrow.

wink wink, nudge nudge, etc.