ESPN Xbox360 access - WAN IP not working

Apparently the most recent update to the ESPN "app" on Xbox360 completely borked my access. I have Verizion Fios as an ISP - they're an approved affiliate for the ESPN3 content. I can easily access all ESPN3 content from any PC's on my LAN. However, the ESPN app doesn't see my IP address as an "affiliate" address.

I called ESPN's "help" # today. What a joke. The guy asked me for my internal LAN IP on the Xbox first - like that was going to help. Once I told him which IP he really needed he looked it up and said "Yup, it's a Verizon IP address - should work". Came back from talking to the "experts" (apparently they're too busy to talk to me directly) and said I must be proxied. Um, yea..okay...I don't have a proxy server here so any proxy-ing must be on Verizon's side. So he tells me to talk with Verizon. I explained how weak this was - the former app used to prompt me to give it my ISP login credentials and worked - the "new and improved" app tries to figure it out for itself and fails. Lame.

Chatted with Verizon and surprise..."Your address isn't proxied - it's fine." They tell me to reboot the router to get a new IP. Already did that - no luck.

So I'm out of luck for now. My son is bummed - he's a sports nut and uses the ESPN app to watch college games on the big TV.

Sorry to rant - just frustrating that there's not much I can do about this.

What IP address is the XBox actually getting? And what router are you using? And what address is a (working) PC actually getting? You can obfuscate the last two octets, I only really need the first two.... as in 10.0.X.X, or 192.168.X.X, or whatever.

Can you use more than one PC at a time on ESPN?