An Article about Puce Moose and his modding efforts

And keep your eyes open, they are promising an interview in the next couple of days

Nice piece. Never been a fan of Mr. Carmack; I find his views and opinions a bit on the side of asinine. But yeah, good on ya, Puce!

Thanks for making the thread! It amuses me a bit that I didn't know the article was up yet. I did a rather lengthy email interview with George over the last week or two. I'll be interested to see what sort of interview article he crafts from my often rambling ruminations in response to his questions.

That's awesome, Puce! Clappy Man gif for you! IMAGE(

Interesting read.

Awesome! I have never played a Puce mod(console gamer), but I love reading Puce's impressions of the games he plays. I actively follow him in threads for games for which I otherwise have no interest.

Nice to see a genuinely nice dude getting some attention.

Tagging - I've never installed a Fallout mod, but this might be a reason to do it.

Well crap. It looks like I need to play Fallout after I'm done with Skyrim =)

I've already expressed my appreciation in the Fallout 3 thread, but I'll say it here again:

Well done.

Well done, Puce!


Very cool, though I'll admit I skipped most of the article since I'd rather play the mod than read about it.

sithload wrote:

Tagging - I've never installed a Fallout mod, but this might be a reason to do it.

Instead of TAGGING, perhaps try FAVORITING?

Awesome, thanks for the heads up!

Nice one, good to see Puce Moose getting some recognition.

Fame and a soul-crushing job in the games industry await.

Without Puce Moose's contributions, my installation of Fallout 3 would be unrecognizable. Also, pretty much everything he writes about games here in the GWJ forums betrays a rare, penetrating insight into the mechanics of world-crafting, exploration and gameplay, and the intersections of these. He has sharper eyes for games-as-experiences than anyone else I know.

Thanks, Puce, for sharing so generously with us all.

Puce mods are the reason I bought Fallout 3 on the PC after spending 250 hours playing it on xbox. Kudos Mr. Moose.

Thanks for the kind words guys. If you're interested in the second part of the article (the email interview) it's now online.

I just stumbled upon it, reading through Sunday Papers on Rock, Paper, Shotgun. They namedrop you too. So famous!

Yep. I won't be surprised if an Indie game developer were to approach Puce for writing for them on a small commercial title due to all the media coverage going on.

Anyone have this article? The links are b0rking.

Does google cache or the waybackmachine work?

They just changed their link structure , I guess. Found it by Googling, but curiously couldn't find it with the site's search.

Yep, it looks like they changed their links. If anyone else wants to read the article, here's an updated link that should work.