BHA Raids 11.15 - 11.22 *Update 1.0*

Thank you whoever filled in.

I am still at work...

Talliarthe wrote:

Thank you whoever filled in.

I am still at work...

We got you covered. Thanks for posting and letting us know.

Thanks for a fun run last night. Sorry my computer got weird at the end. It doesn't much like fire. But it does like my new hat.

And thanks to Hack, who spent more mana than he needed to keeping my dorf butt from being roasted. It was a little like being slathered in SPF 200 on a hot July day.

Nice run given the staggering amount of technical problems.

Yes, good work last night folks. It was fun for me. Hope it was for everyone else too. Rags is gonna die on Sunday btw.

the one raid i cant go to would be the raid we down rag... love how that works >.>

For Ragnaros:

Good maps for planning the phase transitions and assigning who should be doing what.

apparently my post from my phone did not work at 11:30am this morning

I am not going to make it tonight, you can totally blame Oily and NSMike for it, they took up my whole weekend hehe

I am sorry guys.