BHA Raids- Nov. 8th to Nov. 14th *The Week I Took OVER!!!!* Update TWO!!!

Cheeto1016 wrote:

Sunday is up!

Are people going to be able to pull themselves from Skyrim?

........wats that?

Bleh....everyong is going to hate me. My weekend got away from me and I have do much to do tonight for the coming week there is no way I can make it. I am still not home from leaving Thursday night. I am so sorry!

what time is the raid suppose to start anyways? theres no time on it, i m gonna assume its 730. I am going out to dinner, i do plan to be here on time for raid, but if i dont log on by 7:30ish that means I am a little late, just a little.. 5 min maybe. i will be there.

p.s. if the raids not happening then... would be nice if someone post here.. so i dont choke trying to inhale my food >>

As it turns out, I will not be attending the raid this evening.

I will still show up.

But I think I would like not to have to...

I've seen a few others can't make it either tonight, so I am making an executive decision and calling the raid tonight.

Ok since it's called off I am gonna go to a movie after dinner. So I won't show up aat all.