The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Catch-All

chooka1 wrote:

Anyone get Enderal running on Steam Deck? I’ve tried but no luck.

Dont have a Deck to try

I'm diving back into Skyrim on the PC since the Special Edition/Anniversary was on sale last week.

I created an Illusion Assassin, which is fun but I'm having trouble with the dragons when it's just me and my companion. Right now it's Faendal. I'm at around level 21. Sneak is way up, Illusion is way up.

Actually I have lots of trouble with Sabre Cats and the like, outside in the wilds.

Sneaking around to their back to stab them with my Lucky Dagger is hard to do... sometimes they aggro on to my horse, which helps, but a lot of times they lock on to me even though I'm invisible and sneaking...

Anyway, I'm having fun just wondering if there's any tips or different strategies I should try.

Did you try a sneaky archer?

absurddoctor wrote:

Did you try a sneaky archer?

It's inevitable.

Besides learning sneak archery, the Slow Time and Throw Voice shouts can help with closing in for stealth dagger attacks. Also the muffle spell can help with staying undetected, even when invisible (and for spamming up your illusion skill).

Also don’t be afraid to apply difficulty slider liberally in either direction, for any length of time, to increase your enjoyment. You will become an unstoppable god eventually, it’s unavoidable.

Thanks for the tips all

I will be putting more time in this week for extra life, so I can work on my archery perks and so on.

My plans:
- Dark Brotherhood Shrouded armour : check
- a better bow (saving Nightingale for level 46+)
- more archery perks
- slow time shout
- recruit Aela and drop Faendal

PS Every day I'm mufflin'

gamerparent wrote:

PS Every day I'm mufflin'

I figured you probably already were, but you never know ...

You know, I've never hit level 50 in any of the various versions of Skyrim. Or any Bethesda game for that matter, I just seem to get distracted, start new characters, generally just lose focus.

Until today. Figured I'd take a screenshot of the squad that took me to the big Five Oh. I want to try to 100% the Skyrim achievements before Starfield comes out, I don't know how realistic that is, but I'm going to give it a go.


Nice one!

I was going to follow Redwing, but then a delivery driver wheeled the Skyrim boardgame to my front door, and...let's just say that I got a lot of setup to do.

Looking good, Redwing.