Advice on dedicated line to China

Hello all,
It's been a long time since I've posted anything here, but here goes...

The company I work for has recently opened up a small office in Beijing. So far, all of our remote offices outside of China have been able to connect back with us using VPN/Citrix, etc. The problem we are running into is, connectivity between our company and China is extremely slow.
I know we can't be the only company in the world that has run into this problem, so I was wondering if anyone here had any experience with getting a fast connection or dedicated line going between the US and China, and a ballpark figure of what the cost would be.
I'm trying to avoid calling around and getting the "Oh, our solutions will work best" sales pitch from someone trying to pedal their wares... I'd much rather ask how someone who already has a working solution is doing it, and what their experience is.

Thank you all in advance!

I work for an American company in Beijing, and I can confirm that the connection to our US VPN is butt ugly slow most of the time. Our office only has a 2Mbps up/down line, so our speeds are never great, but there are times when I can barely watch an SD YouTube video (not that I ever, ever do that during work). We also have a dedicated fiber optic line for email that we pay a huge amount of money for, but I think that only connects to our head regional office in HK.

When you say extremely slow, how slow is that exactly?

It's hard to pin down exactly, but the tests I did run had the transfer speed at about 1mb per minute. I'm thinking packet loss is the biggest issue, because even when they connect to a remote desktop, the screen refreshes is chunks.
I've been hearing from a few others that it's just that way. One of the questions I was tasked to answer would be "If cost isn't an issue, what would the solution be?", and since they didn't like my satellite launch idea, it's going to have to be at least something that already in place.

I'm not sure the location is your whole problem. I'm near Seattle, one of our main offices is in Minneapolis and our datacenter is in Atlanta. VPN to all those places is ridiculously slow, particularly Minneapolis. Our accountant has to deal with their desktop server there on a daily basis and she is NOT amused.

One thing that improved matters was improving the graphics performance on the client machines. If you can, try something with a better graphics card and more RAM. VPN is incredibly inefficient and will take all the traffic will bear.

Brannil have you noticed whether speed/quality fluctuates throughout the day? Some of us here have noticed on our personal ISP connections that they are clearly governed during certain periods of the day. Packet loss suggests something else, but I'm not technically proficient enough to know for sure.

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China is connected to the United states with a few under water fiber optic lines and due to there aren't many companies that own one and that the bandwidth is limited and it's difficult to upgrade means you are going to pay a ton of cash for it.

I researched our local situation in Israel and got to the conclusion the cost of a dedicated path is about 200$ per megabit per month. I've also read that the current provider ( a monopoly but it would turn into a midget in January) sells blocks of 10gbps for about 26 million $ per year . Companies who want less than 10gbps usually buy it off other ISPs but they usually get charged a premium.

I'm not sure about the market in china but you have to contact a local large ISP and get a contract done with clear parameters of bandwidth and QOS. It's not going to be cheap and this information is usually kept secret with NDAs (non disclosure agreement). You have to call them up.

There are satellite solution but those usually add a 500ms round trip latency but they are much easier to install in remote location (no cables). There is a work around for this latency using packet spoofers but the latency would still exist because you can't break the laws of physics . Land line communication is superior in all parameters but you have to have a decent last mile solution (dedicated line/fiber,fiber to the... ,ADSL,DOCSIS ,WIMAX,Cellular etc).