NCAA Basketball 2011-12 Catch-All

84 points!

Louisville hasn't scored that many in regulation since Memphis back in mid-Dec. Wow.

Think I'm hoping ND wins the next game. USF will be a slow down drug out game tomorrow night.

Good luck to Kansas tomorrow Jay... try not to get blinded by the Baylor jerseys.

Finally got Justin.TV to work for a while. ESPN3 is blocked, is not...crazy world.

For as much as I want a final Border War Battle tomorrow, I have to root for Texas to take down Mizzou. I think a Longhorn win gets them into the NCAA, and the big 12 up to six teams in the dance. And I can't deny that it would be almost as much fun watching Texas knock out the Tigers after listening to Mizzou fans whine about the Bevo 12 for months now. It would have been better to have Texas knock out A&M and Kansas take down Mizzou in order to get rid of the traitors. But this works, too.

Kansas, on the other hand, does not have a walk in the park tonight vs. Baylor. Kansas may have thumped them twice, but Baylor looked pretty damn sharp yesterday, and they the Bears do have talent all over the court.

I have to say, though, if Kansas and Mizzou meet tomorrow, it is going to be a bloodthirsty battle. After the entire conference schedule, I would imagine a #1 seed in the NCAA would come down to this one game. And for two schools that hate each other more than any two in the country, and Mizzou bolting for the greener pastures of the SEC, neither team's fan base want to stomach a loss to their rival under these circumstances.

Tickets for the last meeting in AFH were going for upwards of $3-$5 thousand dollars. I can't imagine what people will pay to see this.

So after an abysmal end to the season, Illinois finally fired Bruce Weber today. I don't have anything against Weber as a coach, but it was definitely time to part ways with him. So here's my question for you guys, how good of a coaching destination is Illinois? I'm a bit biased, but I'd have to say that Illinois should have enough pull to land a well respected coach. Its not one of the top 5 jobs in the country or anything, but it has to be considered a prime position doesn't it?

It's definitely good. It does have a bit of a stigma as a stepping stone job, but that is unfair. I think Bill Self would have had a nice long run there had Roy Williams not left Kansas for North Carolina. And Self built some beasts of a team while he was there. Kansas was just too much of a dream job for him to pass up. He had coached there under Larry Brown, and played in the Big 12.

I think it could be a good destination for a lot of good coaches.

That's pretty much what I think as well. Outside of the top tier programs (like Kansas, UNC, Michigan St. and the like), I'd say Illinois is one of the better jobs in the country, plus it has a ton of potential upside. Just image what would happen if we could get a consistent coach in there with a pipeline to the Chicago talent. Its just interesting to hear all the really varied opinions on Illinois. I've come across everything from top 15 job, to mediocre stepping stone place.

I have a lot of hope that we'll bring in a good coach who can have us competing at the top of the conference every year. No more of this loses to Penn St. and Nebraska business.

What the hell?

Kentucky, Syracuse, and Kansas all losing at the half today. :Shock: What a weird day.

Also, stupid ESPN3 has Kansas blacked out here, in Florida? Only a little band of it too, right where I'm at. Ridiculous.

I can however listen to it on ESPNRadio streaming... very strange.

Holy hell that was an ass whooping we put on ND tonight. At one point they led 15-9, and then we went on a 6-0 tear that shook them up, and continued to hold them for 13 minutes without a field goal.

Up by 24 in the 2nd half, coasted to a 14 point win. Those are the Cardinals I expected to see when this year started.

And hey, Cincy tomorrow night... old rivals from C-USA, Metro, and Missouri Valley back in the day. Good times. Big East basketball will be fine without those jerks jumping ship for football. :p

To be fair, UK is pretty much always behind at the half. I wish they didn't do that; it sure increases Maalox consumption.

They were ahead today though, 25-24 at halftime.

Also, UC? I hate you passionately, but today you're only marginally loathed. Congrats.

Sorry, Jayhawker; great game.

Minarchist wrote:

Sorry, Jayhawker; great game.

Thanks. now I have to root for Baylor to take down Mizzou.

Stele wrote:

And hey, Cincy tomorrow night... old rivals from C-USA, Metro, and Missouri Valley back in the day. Good times. Big East basketball will be fine without those jerks jumping ship for football. :p

You mean jerks like Louisville. It's just a matter of time before Louisville enters the Big 12. I'm excited to see them join.

Aggie Women playing archrival Baylor for Big 12 Tourney Championship in 7 minutes. Beat the hell outta Baylor!

@PeteThamelNYT wrote:

Some fashion expert please tell me the best color to describe Louisville's uniforms. Thanks.

Hey the two teams wearing the new Adidas jerseys are in the BE finals. Maybe they are that good, whatever color they are.

Well damn. Big East champs. I wouldn't have bet on that a week ago even if you'd given me 2 or 3 to 1 odds.

Looked like a whole new team this week. Looked like the team we were supposed to have this year, despite all the injuries.

Bracketology has us back up to a 4 seed.

Might be time to dig out the Cardinal avatar again.

OMG. ACC Champs.

I'm going to buy lottery tickets


Anyone know what time they make the tournament announcements?

WizKid wrote:

Anyone know what time they make the tournament announcements?

The selection show is at 5 central.

Yep, same time as every year.

Is Jayhakwer starting the brackets thread? I think he was in charge of the main Yahoo GWJ Group. I did a bonus ESPN group last year for those so inclined to fill out more brackets. There should be an option to just reopen the group and resend invites to all of last year's members. I already did for my private Yahoo group with my friends. So anytime we are ready...

I plan on it. I then plan to get abuse for mentioning it in the Everything else thread.

Right now I am just enjoying the upset Mizzou fans that won't get to see the Tigers come to St. Louis. I have feeling we will see the Jayhawks, though!

Very interesting brackets.

Number 6 seed after losing 4 starters, and in what was suppose to be a rebuilding year. Not a bad season for San Diego State, with our incoming freshmen, and the transfers becoming eligible next year we should be a real force to be reckoned with. This year however I don't see us getting past Round 3.

Bracket topic here.

Jayhawker wrote:
@PeteThamelNYT wrote:

Some fashion expert please tell me the best color to describe Louisville's uniforms. Thanks.

My Louisville fan friend called them infrared. Seems to have turned out pretty well for them.

That was an ass whoopin tonight. Someone try to tell me USF didn't belong or that another PAC-whatever team did...

So the new Adidas jerseys for Louisville, Cincinnati, and Baylor are 14-2 in post-season play. And one of those losses was Cincy to UL.

All 3 in conference championship games (1 winner), and all 3 in the Sweet 16. So uh yeah... if your school isn't still playing, you should be on the phone with Adidas.

They're also all ugly.

I realize that the NIT is the NIT but it's a little ridiculous that ESPN broadcasts the games but acts like it doesn't even exist.

Jesus vs. Moses?

I can only imagine what it's like there right now. My Dad was just in town over the weekend (lives in G-town, graduated from UK) and he said it's pretty crazy.

Part of me is glad I'm living out-of-state right now. Even from here in Florida I can feel the obnoxious UK fans.

Either way there's going to be a record amount of people calling in sick on Monday, unable to face the other teams' fans at work.