NFL 2011 Week 10

Wildcard Packers

Paleocon wrote:

What are the odds on a Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh Superbowl?

Remote. San Francisco would have to get past Green Bay and Baltimore would have to grab the final chair when the music stops in the AFC.

Still after all these years out of the playoffs, I'd be pretty damn happy with an NFC Championship game appearance. No shame in losing @GB in Jan.

Heading to Chicago tonight for tomorrow's game vs. Detroit. If the Bears can win this, I think the wild card is all ours. With wins over all the contenders for the WC (ATL, TB, PHI, DET) we would be sitting pretty. Could have 3 NFC North teams in the playoffs this season.

It'll be the NFC North vs. the AFC North. That would be interesting.


And, the dumbest wildcard pick of the year is...
Vikings over Packers

I don't know why I made that pick but I just have a feeling.


New England over Jets

49ers are actually the featured 4pm game on TV. I might watch the whole game instead of just RedZone highlights. It's been years since they put us on tv when it wasn't Sun/Mon night.

The Dream Team keeps rolling. DeSean Jackson is out for today's game. He overslept Saturday morning and missed a Special Teams meeting.

Guess he can sleep in today too.

Saints over Falcons
Steelers over Bengals
Bears over Lions (*EDIT* 12:07pm 11/13/11)
Giants over 49ers

Wildcard: Packers over Vikings

Saints at Falcons
Steelers at Bengals
Lions at Bears
Giants at 49ers

Cheesey wildcard: Cardinals at Eagles

That be one bewildered cheerleader.

Houston starts off with a bang, builds up a 16 point lead, then runs on 3 and 17 like they're running the clock out at the end of the game. Come ON Kubiak! Where's the killer instinct?

Now the Bucs are on a long drive.

16 points with ten minutes left in the first half is not a winning lead in the NFL. Come on, man.

Scobee missed a kick?

Texans looking fantastic today!

Rat Boy wrote:

That be one bewildered cheerleader.

He has a hot girlfriend!

*Legion* wrote:

Scobee missed a kick? :(

This has been a bad day for kickers.

karmajay wrote:
Rat Boy wrote:

That be one bewildered cheerleader.

He has a hot girlfriend!

See for yourself.

... Carolina is letting me down again.

I can hardly stand this. Jacksonville refuses to throw the ball until 3rd down, then on 3rd down, Robert Mathis runs by Guy Whimper like he's not even there. Every single 3rd down.

Monroe has his hands full with Dwight Freeney, but at least there's a battle going on on that side.

Hey! Finally the offense throws on first down and found someone who can hang on to the ball: Chastin West, FRESNO STATE.

Edit: Fade to Jarret Dillard for TD. Dillard has been one of my hopes for the Jag receiving corps since he was drafted, but his rookie and 2nd year seasons both ended early with season-ending injuries. It would be nice if he could stay healthy and become a steady part of the offense. The Jags sure are having to dig down the depth chart to find people who can hang onto passes.

Also important note: touchdown pass happened with Guy Whimper's ass firmly planted to the bench.

*Legion* wrote:

Also important note: touchdown pass happened with Guy Whimper's ass firmly planted to the bench. :)

Seriously, how is that somebody's actual name?

Anger at Kubiak's play-calling has officially abated.

Edit: and another interception from Freeman. I'm glad we sat AJ again. He would have been wasted this week.

7 games within a TD... RedZone showing them all... man I love this.

Better week for Gabbert. 67% completion. Still a long ways to go, but the Jags at least put a couple of receivers on the field that could hang onto the ball when it got to them. I expect we'll see more of Dillard and West going forward. Still don't know what's up with Marcedes Lewis, the guy simply can't hang onto anything now.

Looks like Atl-NO going to OT. Man Harry Douglas... FROM LOUISVILLE... was awesome on that last drive.

And holy crap you'd think Philly would cover Fitzgerald. 1st and goal Ari, under 2 min.

What happens with the Saints-Falcons picks if they tie?

So sick of refs calling the play dead before it's over. 49ers just stripped the Giants of the ball inside the 20 but they ruled forward progress stopped so they got their FG.

iaintgotnopants wrote:

What happens with the Saints-Falcons picks if they tie? :)

Nevermind, Michael Turner can't gain two inches.

Not sure what was worse; Tampa's play, or having to listen to Rich Gannon. Between him, Dierdorf, and Phil Simms, how do you AFC fans survive? Good lordy.

Tampa played semi-decently in the first half, except they tackle so badly this year that two should-have-been short passes became incredibly long TDs. Simple tackles on both the Jones and Foster TDs, they just didn't bother to make them. Likewise, on Ward's TD at the end of the game, about five people could have dragged him down, and looked like they didn't want to bother.

It was another litany of penalties, bad tackling, and dropped passes (two of Freeman's three picks bounced off receivers' hands). Haynesworth was in his "show some effort" phase today, at least, and he was very active. The rest of the team? Yuck. Bad offensive line, Freeman was scattershot (there've been rumors of a thumb issue, I will latch on to that for the sake of my man-crush), the LBs were just TERRIBLE, and the secondary couldn't take a proper angle to tackle with a protractor and twenty minutes of preparation.

This game kind of reminded me of the SF game in that it got ugly fast enough it didn't bother me. Much.

The Broncos have figured out how to win: Tebow, 2/8, 69 yds, 1 td, 43 rush yds, 1 td. What in the ... ?