WoW - BHA - New leveling group?

So I got the urge to make myself a priest and I want to find some people to share the pain with me.

He's currently level 16 right now but I think I need to get him up to the low 20s to hang out with some of your alts.

How about this, let's take this week to decide what we're doing, whether we're going to go one night a week and don't play those characters again or whether we go 5 or 10 levels every week. And then next week we'll get together and start running some instances.

We'll start in the early 20s so try not to level past 25 for starters, cool?

I got a warlock at level 20 something. I'll join

Got a Worgen Warrior that I haven't touched in a long time... Maybe I can convince myself to level him a bit.

I have a druid. Would like to attempt tanking. Let me know when and what level I need to be.

How do you guys feel about Monday nights again or would you rather some other night?

I'd prefer if we didn't plan for Tuesday, Wednesdays, Thursdays or Sundays so the regular raiders can participate. Sorry, I know that limits choices but if there's enough people interested, we could plan to do things those nights as well.

If we want to give Mondays a try, let's say 11-14 at 7PM server and please have a character between 20 and 25?

Question is, do we want to just play these characters together and do stuff or do we want to level them up in between and just meet to do dungeons?

I'm up for anything. I'm doing this for fun, not necessarily to make a new raiding toon. So, if you're looking for a new raiding toon, I'll step aside and let someone else into the group who will add some value to endgame content.

Raiding at 85 isn't a requirement for this.

I plan on maybe doing it with this character (or I might jump ship for a Pally or a Druid when I catch up to them), but you guys don't need to if you're not interested.

We might end up forming a number of parties to do this. We shall see.

The leveling group was a great way to meet a lot of guild folks. And Monday night seemed to work out well for a lot of people.

Me? Thanks, but no. I've got my alt-itis under control at the moment.

Also, Cheeto and I both have toons in the early 50's, if you have any alts lying around at those levels... His schedule is far less open, though, from what I've seen, so forming a leveling group around those toons might be impractical.

I am in as usual!

Hopefully I will hold out a little longer this time and not bail at 70

What to choose... I believe I am going to do my druid. He is resto atm, but I can be conned into doing anything on him.

I may also switch for my Paly when we catch him, I guess I will decide that when the time comes.

My personal preference would be to level on Mondays and that is all. Possibly a level or 2 of rested during the week. The reason I say this is because the leveling group (even at higher levels) ends up getting 3ish levels a night even in only 2-3 hours. So if you miss a Monday, it is really hard to catch back up throughout the week, and even harder still if you have to catch up AND level on top of that.

That is just my preference, I will do anything though. I need a new alt

My warrior is 14 at the moment, wearing a number of BOA pieces, but he could probably use more. I need to get at least 6 levels before next Monday, so if anyone wants to quest, just message me on Steam, I'm free most evenings (Tues and Wed this week are raids). Oh, and, Friday is likely a no-go this week for me... Skyrim calls.

He also needs to get into the guild...

I've got quite a few toons in all level ranges. I'll jump in from time to time of there is room.

I have a warlock in the 20s since that and mage are the only other classes I've never really played. Since Grinds the warlock is already in there I may roll a mage up for this.

kilanash wrote:

I have a warlock in the 20s since that and mage are the only other classes I've never really played. Since Grinds the warlock is already in there I may roll a mage up for this.

Thank you for not exposing my complete lack of skill with a warlock.

Oh, we'll know.

We'll know.

I have a 35 Pally and an 18 Warlock that I'm willing to throw into the mix.

i have a lvl 20 lock lol

I am interested in the "levelling toon" group ... look forward to when, where and what level is welcome

Oh good, Eppy. You're another one who needs another alt =)

Ok, quick poll, which day is better for you guys: Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Saturday?

Regardless of the day, we'll start at 7 server (or thereabouts).

I wish I could join you guys. But I never know when I can play and for how long. I get on when I can and play for as long as I can, mostly with a paired character with Lil'Bean. I'd love to learn how to run dungeons and things like that. Oh well...

Any day you pick, oily. I'm flexible.



NSMike wrote:

Any day you pick, oily. I'm flexible.



I'm pretty much in the same boat, except Sundays are usually unavailable.

NSMike wrote:

Any day you pick, oily. I'm flexible.



all u need is a social life on wow, u kno ppl from all over the world and u kill monster together, whats cooler than that! lol

i m pretty sure i can do most mondays, since i usually work at 6 am that day... friday might be ok, saturday is kinda bad..

So let's say we give this a try Monday at 8 pm server.

I can respec to heals if we need someone to (and we probably will) since dual spec isn't until 30.

ah....i kinda deleted my lock >.>......i have a rogue that can join later 50ish, so thats liek 2 weeks? lolol

My druid is heals, but he is 29... I am not sure if you want me to sit out the first week, or just be a little higher then everyone.

Cheeto1016 wrote:

My druid is heals, but he is 29... I am not sure if you want me to sit out the first week, or just be a little higher then everyone.

That depends on what we're doing, I think... The dungeon finder may not let you group with us in dungeons if most of the group is 20. If we just go quest, you can hang around, but you'll be bored, and not getting much out of it.

Also, 8 PM server? As in 9 Eastern? It's not a problem, I'm just making sure. Because I WILL play Skyrim until 9 PM.

I am busy until about 9 pm, but I will come join you all at that point. I have a lock that is level 23 right now.

druid tank. Will be on at 8 server

9 EST is 8 server, yes.

I'll hop on and we'll see what we can see. Cheeto, don't worry until we catch up to you as you would need to go to the dungeons to raid with us, dungeon finder won't queue you with us.

And I'll probably switch to heals but I'll wait until we've got 5 people to go.

oilypenguin wrote:

9 EST is 8 server, yes.

I'm only asking because you said 7 server further up in the thread, and I wanted to make sure you weren't getting some numbers mixed up.

Also, I'll do either tanking or DPS, whatever we might need. Can't imagine tanking is too difficult at this level.