"Pox Parties" not bad enough, now people are shipping active pathogens in the mail

Well, yes, in that she has to wear a mask made of human skin to hide the disfiguring measles scars.

Gah! I don't know what's worse...measles or that photoshopped abomination!

Looks like a unit portrait from Elemental to me.

Yonder wrote:

On one hand Melanie looks to be happy and carefree, it almost makes me wish that I had gotten the measles so that I could experience the child like glee she is so obviously experiencing.

On the other hand her face is horrifying looking, is that a side effect of the measles?

I had measles, it was not fun. Also, you never want to hear a doctor say things like "I have never seen this before!" It does not build confidence.

gregrampage wrote:
Malor wrote:

She fears vaccines because the herd immunity CAUSED BY vaccines have convinced her that vaccines aren't necessary. Vaccination is so effective that people actually think it doesn't matter.

I get the impression people fear vaccines because of the unfounded links to autism and "mental retardation" ala Michelle Bachmann.

Nice to know that despite the fact Wakefield's study was shown to be fraudulent; despite the fact that he unethically requested invasive biopsies of children - against his hospital's board of ethics, and against the patients' interests - to futher his research; despite the fact he was being paid roughly a million dollars US by law firms who wished to maintain the controversy in order to garner class action fees; and despite the fact he's been struck off, that he's still out there making the world safe for our kids.