Hitman: Absolution Catch-All

Wait, in that video, how did the car drive into that spot? Illogical level design.

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Grubber788 wrote:

Anyone who says that running and gunning is not the way to play Hitman has obviously forgotten the Mardi Gras level in Blood Money.

So many dead revelers.

Took forever, but I managed it with no collateral damage. Watching those tools wander to the same places, spouting the same sh*t to each other about drove me mad though.

Same here. The SA route was a royal pain for multiple reasons on that level.

Looks like Hitman. Now I only have to get around to playing the last one. Hah! Oh, backlog, you...creature.

That crowd density and fidelity looks pretty ace.

absurddoctor wrote:

That looks like Hitman to me. Though I'll be slightly sad if the garrote is gone.

He used it in the nun video, so I'd be surprised if it was.

Welp, Absolution is officially my most anticipated 2012 release.

Is the pre-order no longer available on Steam? When did they push the release date back?

I've been playing a bit of the Sniper Challenge on Steam. I thought a score of around 2 mil would be pretty impressive. Boy was I wrong:

(Good part starts around 1:30)

Anyone know if you can play that even if you've pre-ordered from somewhere other than Steam?

LobsterMobster wrote:

Anyone know if you can play that even if you've pre-ordered from somewhere other than Steam?

I know you can from GameStop.

No new information about this game from my post here, so sorry in advance, but I just had to say that I'm kinda frightened for this game with the sheer silence I am hearing in the form of hype from podcasts and press and the like.

What brings this on is after listening to this week's episode of the Giant Bombcast, someone brought up the conversation (only 3/4 through, so they could have changed at the very tail end) about what else is coming out the rest of the year. And it seemed like the guys (obviously not intentionally) just skipped over Hitman altogether. While screaming at the dudes that: "Hitman is coming out during that time guys! Come on!" when they were talking about November and the Wii U launch, it made me think about most of the hype and talk about Hitman ANYWHERE was very dialed down.

Personally, I loved the older IO Hitman: Silent Assassin and Blood Money on my PS2 back in the day and am hoping against hope that IO does a bang up job with this upcoming game. But the thing that makes me fearful is that, even if they hit it out of the park in the ways that Hitman: Absolution is as good a Hitman game, maybe that isn't enough during November to put up sales numbers that companies like Square Enix want anymore.

The only place I'm hearing excitement or any chatter from most people is coming from Arthur Gies, a lover of all things Blood Money :p

TL;DR version of this weird rant: "Yo! I'm scared for IO y'all! I hope that they get to make the Hitman game that we all deserve and that it reaches a broad audience that will accept this game."

I think they may have backed off pushing Absolution after the backlash from the earlier trailers. People got pretty pissed off about the sexy nun assassins.

Hey y'all! I am the kind of guy that doesn't pre-order games, but now on Steam, they have an even crazier incentive and are giving:

The Hitman Collection
The weird Mini-DLC thing I haven't heard much about Hitman: Sniper Challenge
and 10% off the price of Hitman: Absolution

needless to say, I am super interested in pre-ordering just because I LOVED the Hitman games and think this is a steal! And I only have those old games on PS2 (except for Hitman: Blood Money, my brother borrowed that a long time ago and lost it ).

Anyway, what say you guys?! Enable me...probably won't need it though. Just thought someone else might like this too

Yeah, they're pretty good.

Yup! I'm happy that they want to throw those games in to sweeten the pot, but I'm just so skeptical on throwing my confidence (and money) at IO and Square. I'm almost positive though that they can't screw Hitman: Absolution up to the point where it won't even be fun to do crazy assassinations and just play in that world, but maybe? I dunno, I think I'm pulling the trigger on pre-order just because of the Hitman Collection. I would never buy those games on PC unless there was a super crazy sale again...oh wait...Steam is full of super crazy sales...


It's "out there" on XBox.

I'll echo the sentiments above and say I'm actually kinda worried about this game despite loving the other titles. Has it just been rushed out or something that noone is talking about it or...?

I might give this version a trial run before laying down the cash for a PC copy.

Oh no. I haz a sad.

Eh, I'm not too worried, reviews seem to be all over the place.

Yeah, I normally try not to base decisions on one review (especially since I so often disagree with PC Gamer) but hearing how horrible a PC port this apparently is (gameplay's another thing entirely), I tried to get my GreenManGaming pre-order refunded. Unfortunately, I actually paid for that pre-order with PayPal and did so over 60 days ago so thanks to PayPal's policies, GMG can't refund me. So I'm stuck with this thing whether I want it or not. I really hope it ends up being good and that if the port is as poor as PC Gamer says, that it gets patched to decency.

Seeing as it's steamworks, you could sell the key to someone who does want it. Seems like a (another) cautionary tale on pre-ordering though.

Scratched wrote:

Seeing as it's steamworks, you could sell the key to someone who does want it. Seems like a (another) cautionary tale on pre-ordering though.

I pre-ordered with a GreenManGaming discount code before I realised that their entire business is structured around always having a discount code available. So yeah, I likely won't be pre-ordering many titles in the future.

I'm not cancelling mine over a PC gamer review, that's for sure.

One of the comments in that article is interesting:

I have reviewed this game, although I would like to remain anonymous. I can honestly say that the comments Mr Francis has made about the game are entirely false. Assassinations are NOT cutscenes any more than they are in Blood Money (IE an animation once the 'accident' is set up or whatever is the way it's always been – it's not a cutscene because you're either choosing to stick around and watch – in full control – or you're already making your escape or whatever, NEVER is control taken away from you).

As for checkpoints THEY ONLY EVEN EXIST ON LOW DIFFICULTY. Meaning this reviewer played it through on easy or medium and since he claims to be an experienced Hitman player, he should know that these difficulty levels were not made for him. He has essentially failed to do the job he has been paid to do.

The 'pointless' objectives (open a door) refers to exiting the level once the hit has been complete. YOU HAVE ALWAYS HAD TO EXIT THE LEVEL ONCE THE HIT WAS COMPLETE.

Some of the levels are small, sure, but THERE ARE FIFTY OF THEM.

The AI is fantastic as always. 47 is the catalyst. Mix him with the AI in any way and entertaining (and often unexpected) things happen. Just as they always have, but way, way better than ever before. The story is, admittedly, quite poor, but it's also irrelevant. It ties one playground to the next by a thin thread and that's all that matters.

Do not listen to Tom Francis. He has failed to do his job and speaking as a fellow reviewer, in my opinion deserves to be severely scolded for it, both by the general gaming public, who he has failedf, by the developer and publisher of the game, who he has failed, and by the company he works for, who he has failed. Once you lot get to play the game, you will immediately see how FACTUALLY incorrect this review is. It's chock-full of out and out lies.

Edit: Actually, a lot of those comments seem to suggest that the PC Gamer review is full of it.

I think all reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. I do not think that gives us license to completely dismiss someone's opinion just because it isn't what we were hoping for. I'm not going to cancel my pre-order but it seems prudent to lower my expectations slightly.

I'm pretty pumped about Absolution next week. The chatter mostly says that this is great game but I can't wait to play it. The sniper mission was so much fun. The Dev walk throughs were pretty good context to how the game looks at least. I might play it purist style and turn off indicators which I never do.

Grubber788 wrote:

One of the comments in that article is interesting:

I'm afraid I'm more inclined to believe the man who's actually got the guts to put his name to his opinion. That "anonymous reviewer" could be anyone. Even Eidos PR - it's not like they've been above such tactics in the past.

The PC Gamer review reads pretty fair to me. Ultimately it sounds like a "passable stealth game" with a poor PC port and very little of the Hitman of old, focusing on a rubbish linear story that tries to paint you as a hero instead of the sandbox-y levels the series is known for.

I'll wait for other reviews (of the PC version) to compare, but for now it's a definite pass for me.

GreenManGaming has the Professional Edition for $29 with code GMG35-FGR37-COY0B.

That enough to bring anyone back into the fold?

That Conan was a riot.