NMRIH Beta: Tactical Zombie killing with friends! (free source mod)

we doing this?

I hope so.

Oh man, that took forever to get started but it was so worth it.
Most intense zombie game ever.

My favorite part was listening to Fedora talk to himself after everyone died. Oh and the chainsaws suck.

Fedora was a star tonight, no doubt. Looking forward to another map next time.

I think my favorite part was when the toilet stall door wouldn't close to protect me from one of your reanimated corpses and I was totally scared. That says a lot about how great the atmosphere of this game is

Damint people let me get home so i can join in on the fun!!! curse you non PST people, also is there a GWJ group for this?

New beta update brings a survival mode.

Huh, I thought the game was already a survival mode.

I'm up for playing the new, likely buggy, mode.

It went fairly smooth from what I played of it. Though we got wiped fast so not a ton to test
I didn't even know there were supply drops.

I guess it seems like a year, but when I looked at the date we last played, it surprised me it was almost exactly a year ago.

It'll be available for free on Steam, via Greenlight, when they release their next beta update. They suggest more status updates, plural, in the future, ie not near. My guess would be somewhere around 2 months.

They've got a dynamic music system now, and a melee anim video you can check out here. I find favoriting Greenlight games is a painless way of keeping up to date with them. Updates appear in your Community feed.