NMRIH Beta: Tactical Zombie killing with friends! (free source mod)

For the past few years the source mod No More Room In Hell has been in development. A few days ago a public beta was released of the game and from playing a bit of it with mooosicle, it's really cool.

The idea is a cooperative, objective based zombie survival game with 8 player coop. There's a mix between slow zombies, strong zombies, fast zombies, and more. There's a pretty heavy focus on the melee combat and it feels pretty nice. This isn't Left 4 Dead where the zombies are made out of paper, every zombie can be a threat. Gunplay is also very refined but ammo is limited and you can only hold so much. Survivors have a chance of getting infected by zombie bites and will slowly turn. When a survivor dies, they fall over and shortly after, get up as an AI zombie.

The only problem so far is, it's REALLY hard with only 2 people and who wants to play with pubbies when we have a perfectly good community of zombie haters right here!
The call has been made, Goodjers. Download, install, fight!

Starter guide (with install instructions): http://www.nomoreroominhell.com/nmri...

Objectives wrote:

No More Room in Hell uses an Objective Branching system which allows the map to randomly decide which objective the survivors must complete before they move on into the next area. This means that in every new round, the tasks that the survivors must accomplish may change, so they have to be vigilant and cautious. The ultimate goal is to reach the extraction zone before time runs out. Generally, Objective maps range from small and linear maps, to large and complex maps.

Infection wrote:

Infection is a slow death process that you can get if you're swiped enough at or bitten by various zombies. If you're infected, your vision starts to blur out and your breathing gets frantic. Eventually when you die, you will fall down to the ground dead and after a predetermined time, you will reanimate as a member of the undead. You can temporarily stop the infection though, if you use the pills item. Pills are represented as a small pill bottle item. They won't last long however, so you have to make the best of your life before you succumb to your death!

Some interesting notes. There's a lot of emphasis on realism, some really neat aspects

-Voice chat fades off over distance. I think there's a walk-talkie (which takes up a slot) to nullify this
-There's some sort of stamina pool. You can't sprint forever, and doing power attacks with weapons, while strong, will drain it
-It's very important to immediately shove off any zombie grabbing you. It'll decrease chance of infection, which happens over too many bites/swipes
-To check ammo count, hold R. Your character will remove the clip and check ammo, and you'll get a HUD display
-It's dark, and you need to manually use a flashlight. It becomes pretty intense. You can only use flashlight with a pistol, not a two handed gun or a melee weapon. (You can also use the flashlight as a light melee weapon)

Also, regarding aiming down sights. You don't hold down to right click, you just press it once and it enters toggle mode.

So, it's like a hardcore mix of L4D and Dead Island?

Tagging. If I'm honest I doubt I'll have time to play any serious multiplayer games before Christmas, we'll see what sort of buzz this has by the time I get around to having the time to play it.

Well, you sold me. Downloading when I get home.

I'd be up for giving this one a go.

I'd love to play at least one match with a full coop team.

Let's try to set up a game sometime this week.
Maybe Tuesday night?

Tuesday is space marine day, maybe wednesday then?

I'd like to try this.

As would I. It's installed, so ping me if something happens.

Just installed, let's do this!

Ummm.... this sounds awesome. I'll get to work on downloading immediately!

Guess I'm a few weeks late but sure. Sounds interesting enough. Steam group? I assume since it's source we can use the Steam "join game" stuff right?

EDIT: Nice torrent speeds. 1.5 mb/s, should be here in 10 min.

I'll grab this tomorrow. Spaceindaver on Steam.

Played on the only pub server up last night. I thought I had wandered into an XBox 360 through some kind of weird dimensional portal. As soon as we started the map this one guy was screaming into the mic that some other guy had picked up his gun. And if he didn't give it to him right now he was going to regret it later. And he was serious. Give it to him right now.

So yeah let me know when you guys are playing... cause I won't be doing that again...

So... and?

Did he give back the gun?!

Hyetal wrote:

So... and?

Did he give back the gun?!

Haha. Yeah I think so. They stood there bitching about it for a while, while me and another guy headed out into the level and promptly got killed.

9:00 EST!
Zambeh killing time!

Count me in.

Damn it, I'm going to class tonight. Have fun surviving without me!

Starting, meet up in vent to figure stuff out.
Or message me on Steam.

Fedora, Renji, and I showed up in Vent. The rest of you? Very disappoint. Maybe we can post our schedules so a good time can be chosen, and a good time be had by gamers.

Free every night this week, possibly busy Sat, and most likely unavailable on Sun until 3pm.

Oh god, I just downloaded this the other day. I'm totally in because... I got owned on my own.

Edit: Just realized it was set for now... Wow I'm a dunce.

Tried using the message button on the steam page Fedora, guess it didn't work.

I can join at any point in the week(end) right up *until* 9pm EST. I need my sleep. So 8pm and earlier works for me.

You guys want to give this a shot on Wednesday night, say 9ish EST?

Lars wrote:

You guys want to give this a shot on Wednesday night, say 9ish EST?

Still up for it, myself.

cyrax wrote:
Lars wrote:

You guys want to give this a shot on Wednesday night, say 9ish EST?

Still up for it, myself.

Sweet! From talking to evilseed and zoltaire, it looks like we'll at least have 4 people participating. Come on guys, you know you want to try this!

My first double post. I feel so dirty!

Yeah, I'll play.

Does this run on a Mac?