360 headphones - sound balance off at low volume

I bought a pair of Tritton Detonator analogue headphones for the 360, stereo. Headphones plug into controller and 360, via long cable with USB and white/red audio plugs. Game volume is on a dial.

At very low volume, the right ear is louder than the left. The more I turn it up, the less apparent the discrepancy becomes, to the point where it might not be there. I'm a bit deaf in my left ear, so I'm taking that into account, but at very low volume there is a difference.

Any idea what's going on? I assume that a fault that manifests at low volume would be present at all volumes. It's a bit odd. It makes me question just how balanced the headphone are. Although they're in the cheaper range, at £59.99 RRP they are still quite expensive.

A electronic musician that I follow on Twitter - Professor Kliq, look him up - said that imbalance like that is common in headphones but also "any kind of active speaker setup - especially in amplifiers".

Yeah, in my experience it's most commonly noticeable in cheap amps. Lots of lower quality pc soundcards do it to a very noticeable degree. Super cheap op-amps. There's actually one model of the ipod I noticed it on a long long while back.

If it annoys you, unfortunately the simplest solution is usually replacing hardware.

I'm unlikely to listen at volumes that low, so I'll stick with them. Odd that happens, but at least I know for next time.