Humor : Government market intervention

Perfect example of the law of unintended consequences.


I'm not familiar with DC: do you not have any craft beer drinkers? Yuppies who buy their beer via build your own six packs would be quite displeased with this silly law.

Question: were boone's farm and other bum wines affected?

Def. good example of the 'law' ( ) of unintended consequences.

Seth: Does not appear to be so from the article. It does say that exceptions for certain wards were given based on Single bottle sales of Belgian brews, so I doubt the yuppies were all that affected. Also, based on the description of the law, sales of 'build your own' six packs would probably be OK as long as there aren't individual bottle sales as well.

Enforcement of loitering / public drunkenness laws would probably have worked better but required more manpower ($$).