The Playstation Vita Catch-All

I’m so close to going down the rabbit hole of hacking all the vitas in my house. I know I want to have
2. Ability to dump carts I own.
3. PS4 controller support.

1. Installing and being tethered to the pc to dump games
2. Can’t use the adapter and game carts at the same time
3. Learning all the jargon of doing it

I'm interested in hacking mine, got a link?

Thanks much!

I bought my Vita just over a year ago, and - in anticipation of the closure of the PS Vita store and declining stocks of physical games - bought a large number of games at the same time.

I have to say that I'm really struggling to find much love for the Vita's library. So far I've played, and finished:

Papers, Please - A good game hurt badly by the size of the Vita's screen (text was often hard to read) and by the responsiveness of its touchscreen.
Bastion - Again, a good game hurt badly by the size of the screen, which made combat unnecessarily difficult.
Uncharted: Golden Abyss - A potentially good game spoiled by it's repetitive second half, and frequently unresponsive controls.

However, I've also started and abandoned Danganronpa 1, Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward, and Atelier Sophie. I'm slightly kicking myself because the games that are most common on the platform seem to the ones that I just can't gel with; JRPGs, murder mystery games, and escape room games.

I'd welcome recommendations from GwJers for other games that I can play that will ensure that my Vita doesn't become an expensive paperweight. Should I buy Tearaway, for example? Given my stated dislikes, should I leave Persona 4, Final Fantasy X/X-2 Remastered and Shiren The Wanderer in their wrappers?

I've got Madden 13, a couple of World Rally games, and the Vita version of Killzone awaiting me, but falling back on these feels like a missed opportunity. I could play better versions of these on my PS4.

There has been one unexpected gem - Frozen Synapse. I found the early levels frustrating, but now I understand that the game doesn't require as much trial and error as I thought, I've really warmed to it. What else should I get for my Vita?

Persona 4 Golden does a lot of things very differently to the other JRPGs you mentioned, so you might like it. It's more a visual novel for the most part.

Other Vita games I love:
Soul Sacrifice Delta. (Dark, Occult based Monster Hunter genre)
Odin Sphere Leifthrasir. (Norse Mythology Hack n' Slash. Might just be titled Odin Sphere, not sure)
Dragon's Crown. (Also a Hack n' Slash. Spiritually akin to Golden Axe)
The Sly Cooper Collection. (Haven't played these on Vita, but I love the PS2 games)

It depends, almost all JRPGs play great on vita due to its sleep function, being able to walk away from a game with no progress loss at any time is great. Here's some of my favs from past years.
Modnation (arcade racer, not as good as PS3 version, but still alot of fun)
Sonic Racing Allstars (very solid racing game)
Ys Memories of Celceta (action RPG with good exploration and combat)
Legend of Heroes games (very good JRPGs, but very long so may not be your cup of tea)
Hot Shots Golf (one of the best golf games on any console)
Lumines (I don't know how to describe this)
Severed (first person dungeon crawler that using vita's touch screen to its fullest, don't let that scare you its excellent)
Wipeout 2048 (very good racing game if you don't have access to PS4 version)

Lumines is great. Geometry Wars 3 and Super Stardust Delta are outstanding twin stick shmups that work great on Vita. Shiren is an incredible rogue-like but, if that's not your thing then maybe you should just sell it. Rogue Legacy was a lot of fun. Pixel Junk Monsters for tower defense.

It's also a great platform for PSP or PS1 classics.