Windows 7 Audio Problems

I have two computers that each have audio issues that I can't figure out.

On my work laptop, the audio unmutes and maxes out whenever I lock the computer. It's annoying because I like to hit mute and walk away while at work, but now, I lock my machine and it unmutes and starts blaring through my headphones (it happens when I lock using win+L or ctrl+alt+del lock).

On my home computer, my microphone volume sets itself to just 8%. I haven't isolated if it only occurs when locking the machine, playing a specific game, or when launching teamspeak, but my friends complain, when I first join teamspeak, that my mic cuts in and out. I adjust my windows volume and then everything is fine for that gaming session.

Does anyone have a way of determining which programs are adjusting the sound settings in Windows. This is really frustrating.