Laptop keyboard issue

i have a laptop where the following key's don't always work YUHJNM unless i pound on them for a few seconds then they seem to work till i stop typing for a minute or so then i have to repeat the process anyone got ideas? Oh it's an out of warranty HP Envy I5 laptop.

Only thing i can tell is they are all on a diagonal path with each other. It's kind of annoying but nothing super serious. I've tried deleting the drivers and rebooting but no good. Any other ideas?

Might just be gunk in the keyboard sensors. Maybe try blowing them out with compressed air?

Be careful about actually taking the keys off. Putting most laptop keys back on is very difficult.

Yeah i'll take a look but that thing is pretty sealed up not sure if i can get compressed air in there. But that makes more sense than a wiring fault in one section of the keyboard.

I second the compressed air idea.

Did you spill something on it? Maybe try drying it out.

If all that fails, get a keyboard to go along with the laptop. A USB keyboard kind of defeats the portability part of a can roll it up!

So pulled apart the keyboard, blasted with air, confirmed no gunk no sticky keys nothing wrong with the top layer as far as i can tell. It really looks to be something underneath the top layer either busted keys or an overheated GPU damaged the keyboard somehow. Since this laptop was a gift (no receipt or PoP or any documentation for that matter) any idea if i can get tech support from HP? Or any further idea's on what might be causing the issue?

Depends on how old it is. Truthfully, you might just be better off spending the $30 to $60 a replacement keyboard would cost and drop it in yourself. That's what I generally end up doing - saves a ton of headache.

on a laptop i can replace the whole keyboard?

Cayne wrote:

on a laptop i can replace the whole keyboard?

Oh yes. Done it a few times myself. Don't be worried about getting the replacement directly from HP either, there are places online that sell quality replacements.

Cayne wrote:

on a laptop i can replace the whole keyboard?

You sure can but beware that getting the cable set in right can be a bit finicky depending on the laptop model. Take a breather before attempting and approach with patience.

Any suggestions on where I might purchase such a keyboard? i'm going to call HP later this week to see what i can finagle out of them but no real hope there.

So the laptop was living up at Csteel's place for the week, and he was messing around with it and pulled out the logitech usb mouse dongle and poof keyboard is functioning at 100% again.... hrmmmm....

That is odd - check another mouse, or a different USB slot.

that's the next test as soon as i get it back from him. That dirty thief