Xfinity (aka Comcast) Voice service

I recently got a flyer in the mail advertising that Xfinity voice service is finally available in my area. I switched from DSL to Comcast cable internet a few months ago and have generally been happy with the service. Now I am looking to maybe drop AT&T entirely and switch our home phone to Xfinity voice if it can save me a few bucks.

Anybody here have experience with Comcast's phone service? Positives? Negatives?

It's ... phone service. No better or worse than pretty much any other phone service I've used. Calls are reliable, and quality is good. They do have some nice features with regards to listening to voicemails via a web browser and stuff like that -- I've never really used that, though. One thing that is nice, though, is if you have Comcast TV as well, it puts a little bubble up on the screen when the phone rings with caller ID info.