International GWJ Day - Oct 15 - San Francisco Chapter

Alright people. The gauntlet has been thrown! October 15th we must reconvene the Bay Area Chapter of the Holy Order of Goodjerdom and throw ourselves an epic gaming get together.

Details of the event:
When: October 15th; 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Where: Hacker Dojo (Mountain View)
What: Board games, BYOPC LAN

For directions and special parking instructions:
If you are driving, please do pay attention to the parking instructions, Dojo only has the spots bordering the lot. Should still be plenty of room.

Questions? Shout it from the rooftops (and into this forum).

PLEASE let me know if there are specific games of mine you would like me to bring. I will probably be bringing a small smattering of light/easy games and longer strategy games.

ALSO - I will bring a cooler stocked case of beer/soda.

Really? Half a year before the event itself?

You, sir, are insane.

bnpederson wrote:

Really? Half a year before the event itself?

Oh - don't get me wrong. I don't think any concrete planning will occur for months yet (as opposed to say, what Oily is drumming up in his corner of the world), but I thought I would provide a venue for people to drop ideas over the coming weeks/months.

But yes. I am insane. You should know that by now.

I'm totally getting on this crazy train.

Let me know what I can do. I'm not sure if Hackers Dojo / Noisebridge would work for an extended marathon of gaming. I would offer my place, but all I've got is a two bedroom apartment. If that changes before October, ya'll will be made aware.

You could follow in Oily's footsteps and find a conference room/hotel lounge type place that can be taken over for the event/day(s)
and barring anything not developing in Los Angeles I am definately going to try and get free for this and make either the drive or flight.

Cayne wrote:

You could follow in Oily's footsteps and find a conference room/hotel lounge type place that can be taken over for the event/day(s)
and barring anything not developing in Los Angeles I am definately going to try and get free for this and make either the drive or flight.

Yup. I've already have looked into a hotel situation, but don't know numbers, and feedback from HedgeCon was people preferred a single day event (as opposed to multi-day). Even if it's a 1 day thing, I know plenty of folks that would love to come up to the city for the weekend.

But I'll be sending out a request for information soon. Based on my discussions with a few places, we have plenty of time to sort it out.

In. So in. I'll be practicing my Pro Keys, and you will all be floored!


Just realized I'll be out of town on the 15th (in Rochester, NY for my sister's wedding). Incredibly sad to be missing this. Enjoy, all.

So - it's time to get this thing started. To help us organize this year's Bay Area event, please visit the following form and fill it out. We are still considering going multiple days (will be determined based on interest indicated on the form),

But please - only fill it out if you are planning on attending at least on the 15th!

We've received some good feedback so far - but I know only a fraction of the folks have filled it out so far. I'm going to leave it up for a just a few more days and then we'll start moving forward on planning. Now's the time to let us know what you want to do!

A wee bump to remind folks - PLEASE reply to the form and let us know how this shindig should go down!

I put my 2 cents in yesterday.

Long live BA IGD 2011!

I am down with bells on! I do have a saturday class that is super important for me to show. I was wondering when you were going to post this. Anyhow I filled out the survey as well.

Hopefully the weather will be better this year. :p

The form is closed - thanks all to those who filled it out. Now, to make your dreams a reality. Or something.

Alright - 1 more day to make your thoughts known via this form. Go make it happen!

I'll be missing it this year.

I'll be at Infineon Raceway scaring myself silly in the rocket car.

Moggy wrote:

I'll be missing it this year.

I'll be at Infineon Raceway scaring myself silly in the rocket car.


I'll be at Infineon Raceway scarring myself silly in the rocket car.


Stay in one piece please!

I'm off the bay area grid, but 25 bucks isn't so bad. However anymore, for me, would be little much with the consideration that I will not be available to attend until 5 or 6 pm. With the place closing down at midnight and a full day I would need a place to crash before committing a 2 hour drive home.

I may be able to work something out within the next couple of days.


I spoke with my wife and we are comfortable up to 50 each. However I may have a total of +3 including my wife. I will keep you posted on their status.

I also have a projector and a book shelf stereo to use. The screen is the only issue. While I have an 80 inch screen, engineering a solution for mounting may be a little much for me to trek around. Let me know if you need it.

The feedback from the form was:

- majority wanted Saturday only
- majority did not want a room
- Overwhelming pref for SF or Peninsula
- Preference for booze friendly venue
- Neutral on public/group tab
- Slight preference for Rock Band
- Moderate interest in Console play
- Neutral on multi-console play
- Preference for PC/LAN play
- Overwhelming interest in board games (only 1 dissenter!)
- WiFi is a must
- We MUST have the conference call
- Mild interest in competitive play against other IGWJD events

So - we're looking at a couple of hotels in the city; at most a few blocks from BART. We'll have this nailed down in the coming week I imagine, but I wanted to get a sense of what people are willing to do/spend for convenience/awesomeness.

We had a generous offer of a place to game, but couldn't bring in booze of any kind. Hence the search for a venue that is more friendly to gaming, drinking, eating, and possibly rock band.

The min. price that I've been quoted so far is $25 for approximately 30 people - tables, chairs, 10AM to Midnight.

Many prices, which include WiFi, AV/Sound and other amenities are closer to the $50-60 range (again for 30 people). Does not include a bar, does not include food.

1. We need to start confirming attendance this week. We'll want to have solid numbers by the 5th (if not before then). If we're going to be paying for a venue, then we need to get a minimum commit, which leads me to:

2. What are people comfortable chipping in for just the room (food/drinks not included)? Are you comfortable with $25?

3. Do we pay for a projector & sound hookup? (approx. $10-20 more depending on setup) Or is there an alternative for things like RockBand? I.e. can someone(s) bring in the necessary tech? (If we get a hookup whether paid or otherwise, I'll bring my Ion Drum kit).

4. If you're interested in LAN play, talk to me about how you'll bring the necessary equipment to facilitate (routers/hubs/cables as necessary).

5. Who's going to help me coordinate? I know 7Inch and Demiurge are in; who else?

I can spring $50 no problem. I also have a spare Linksys wifi router I can bring as well, let me know if that's necessary.

This is a bump and an update with my side. I have confirmed a wavering guest as a no. However I may yet grab a few more board gamers to attend. It's funny 50 bucks to a board gamer is a fair price.

Anyhow, I appreciate all the effort Hedge is putting forth. I would volunteer, but I would not be there until the evening and I don't know how helpful that would be for you guys.

I am in. Possibly +1 but probably not, I will know soon. $50 is easily doable.

Thank you Court, for setting this up. You are the patron saint of the Bay Area GWJ community.

I am also willing to help out in any way I can. Let me know what you don't have covered.

So prices haven't come down much for city hotel options, particularly those near the BART lines. Several had said that as they get closer to the date, prices will come down as they look to fill rooms/availability. But most require some inclusive components, such as food and/or drinks, with minimum commits of $2500 to $3000k for the 14 hours we're asking for.

Most places have limited liability alcohol restrictions - they won't allow us to BYOB to the conference/lounge room. You'd have to buy on prem, which puts this way beyond a reasonable cost. Especially given that we have so few people compared to the min. commit numbers they're asking for. Never mind adding a projector or TV setup.

About 6 months ago, I checked on a few hotels on the peninsula - they have better minimum commits, but they're also nowhere near BART. It seems like we can find a place to play, but most places are leary about bringing alcohol in (BYOB).

Any other ideas out there?

I'm looking into a rec center near me; I should have a good idea of the viability of this place tomorrow. Although it's not off of BART, it would be a very short walk from CalTrain.

If anyone else has any other ideas, I'd love to hear 'em.

Okay - not looking good kids. Without commitments to stay over 2 or 3 days (with min commit hotel room bookings) the whole thing is way too expensive to host anywhere near BART.

Also, the rec center option near my place is off the table as well.

It may be possible to get a space in SF that allows us to play without alcohol (but near bars) if that's amenable to people. But we have to know in the next couple of days, otherwise there isn't anything I can do.

Calling for any other suggestions on places!

Also, people need to start RSVPing via this thread so we can get a good head count.

What about the race track... Bay Meadows?

I just know its in the area. I don't know how close it is to BART. I think they rent rooms and shouldn't have a problem with alcohol. And if they do have a problem with byob, they usually have specials like dollar beers and hotdogs at the track.

Mind you, I have never been there. All of my info is second hand or from advertisements.

BTW, I'm in and 40-50$ should be ok.

I'd rather have this happen sans liquor than to not have it happen at all, so I'm for taking what we can get. I can drive to wherever it is as well, and if anybody in the Berkeley area needs a ride I am willing to provide one (3 people tops, and the backseat is small so you may wind up feeling like a sardine if you're back there).

I cannot help but think that the forum title is causing lack of interest. Considering the beginning is identical to the main thread. Just a thought.

I'm still up for whatever, and while I'd prefer alcohol to be available it isn't an absolute necessity for me, especially if not having it means we actually have this shindig.

But then I'd be fine with just getting together at a restaurant and retiring to someone's home/a park or some such; I consider these more of a social function than a convention.

Put me down for whatever's going on. Yeah, I'm easy.